Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Christmas!! Happy New Year!!!

Christmas eve was here, and is gone. Christmas day was here, and is gone. New year's eve was here, and is gone. It is now New Year's Day and I'm finally making myself blog!! I'm sorry I have been away from the blog for so long. Busy with church, family, and getting ready for our BIG trip!!
We went to Wichita to be with my BIG family from Christmas day to Saturday. We had nearly 50 people crammed into my brother and sis-in-law's home to celebrate with all my cousins (spouses and kids), aunts/uncles, Grandma and Grandpa. It was so wonderful to see everyone!!! I promise to get pictures on here someday. Right now they are still on my camera.
Since we've been home I've been working hard on getting all the supplies and things for my sub and co-teacher to handle things at preschool for the next week and a half while me and the fam go to meet Mickey (and the princesses!). When I'm not getting things ready for preschool, I've been packing! I've never packed for a trip like this before. We've always driven to our destinations, which have always been to visit family. We don't have to take bedding, but EVERYTHING else, and the kitchen least that's how it seems! I'm up to three large suitcases and two small carry-on type suitcases. Plus each of the kids will have a back-pack of "stuff" to keep them busy on the plane. How to pack for Florida in January...your entire wardrobe would be about right. It can be as warm as mid-to-upper 80's for highs, and as low as 20's for yea, pretty much everything! I'm planning t-shirts, jeans, & sweatshirts for mornings, loose the sweatshirts as it warms up, and possibly change to shorts if it gets that warm. We'll have to see. I did weigh my big suitcases this evening and was very excited to find out that they only weigh 30-35 pounds each!! I do have a FEW things to add, but I have a 15-20 pound cushion right now! I could cram more into them and loose one of the small suit-cases, but this way I will have room to bring home a souvenir or two. :o)
For now, I'm off to bed. Merry Christmas all!!!

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Anonymous said...

Andie have a fun and safe trip!Thanks for all the gifts. Enjoy disney, tell the kids hi! Love Jenny