Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We are at DISNEY!!!

(Our Internet connection is through our cell phones, and very I will wait to post most of the pics when we get home, sorry).
We are having TONS of fun at WDW!!! We arrived Monday before noon. Spent the afternoon resting and getting ourselves settled. Then we ate dinner at Chef Mickey's, and spent the evening at Hollywood Studios. Tuesday morning we were up early for breakfast with the Princesses at EPCOT. We had planned on returning to the resort by noon for a swim, bite of lunch, and a rest. But we kept finding things to do at EPCOT...and there were nearly NO lines, so we didn't want to stop!! We had a 15 minute wait for Test Track, and most of that was just walking through the cue. We walked onto Space Ship Earth. We walked onto Living Seas with Nemo and Friends. Sat in the front row for Turtle Talk with Crush, where Andrew became the "MiniMan" of the hour...talking with Crush and asking/answering questions! Such fun! Finally around 3, we did get back to the resort for a quick swim. When we got into our room we found a fun surprise!! Our "Mousekeeper" (housekeeping in Disney) had made us a fun scene on one of the beds using the kids' stuffed animals and towls. One crocodile towel was trying to eat one of Andrew's frogs, and Abbie's cat and panda were taking a ride in a canoe! Fun!
After a rest we went back to EPCOT, where we used our only Fast Pass to ride Soarin'. We enjoyed it, but my fear of heights kept me from really getting into it. When Abbie leaned forward to see what was below her, I nearly came unglued!!! No fear in that one!! We were able to catch the firework show "Illumi-Nations" but didn't have a very good viewing place, so we are going to try again on Friday so we can SEE and hear all that is involved in that firework show!
Today was a fun day at Animal Kingdom (I'm not even going to try any more pics tonight...they take FOREVER, and I want to go to bed!). We saw the Lion Kin Festival and Nemo the Musical...both were AWESOME! Expedition Everest was a fun ride! We also got to go on a safari and see all sorts of animals. It only rained for a bit, while we were waiting for the safari, and that was covered, lucky us!
Tomorrow we are off to see the Magic Kingdom and have breakfast with Pooh and his buddies.
Hope all is well with all of you!

Today we slept in a bit and got to the Animal Kingdom around 10:30. We got a Fast Past for Expedition Everest, and headed out across the park toward the Safari ride. We were able to "walk-on" the Safari. When I was putting the stroller into "stroller parking" it started raining, so I put the rain-flap on it, as well as a poncho cover the rest. Unfortunately Warren's jacket was hanging out one side and I didn't realize, it got a BIT dampish. Sorry babe! When we were about to board the ride, something went wrong and they kept sending the vehicles to the other stop, don't know what was going on there, but we ended up waiting about 15-20 minutes...I know, NOTHING compared to what MOST people wait, but it was frustrating to be so close, and not be able to get on. Turned out ok, because by the time we got on and rode, the rain had nearly stopped. Just the occasional drizzle for the rest of the day. We went back across the park, grabbed some lunch and headed to Expedition Everest to use our fast passes. Bethany was too little, so Warren took Andrew and I waited with the girls. When they came out, I took Abbie and Warren waited with Andrew and Bethany. It was a lot of fun! After EE, we were able to catch Nemo, and then hit the perfect time for a trip across to another part of the park to see Festival of the Lion King. I have to say that the two musicals were my favorite part of the trip so far!!

After the Animal Kingdom, we went to Whispering Canyon which was fun. The servers are just plain silly. It is in the beautiful Wilderness Lodge, which I have wanted to see FOREVER! Unfortunately, I had a bit of a tummy ache and didn't take any pictures...something I already regret. Now we are resting in our hotel, kids are bathed, and ready for bed! Night all!!

Tomorrow...MAGIC KINGDOM! We are having brunch with Winnie the Pooh and all his friends at the Crystal Palace.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful sounding trip you're having, and the family memories will last forever. Have a great rest of your vacation, and I can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all the stories. Love, Aunt Patty

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us on your vacation. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. We check your schedule each day to see what you are up to. We love you and thanks for the pics. M & D