Monday, December 8, 2008

What a week!

I'm going to say this...and hope I do not regret it! Everyone is healthy! After Bethany was sick on Tuesday, she went back to school on Wednesday...all good. Thursday morning, Andrew woke up and no longer sounded like a dog barking. He had turned into a seal overnight. Plus his throat hurt. No school for him. He missed his school Christmas program Thursday night, which upset him so much! This little boy loves to sing!! Friday he was feeling better, but was not allowed to go back to school since he had a temperature on Thursday night. Saturday everyone was fine! Yippee!! Now it is Monday and everyone still seems fine!!! I had a little cough last night and was worried...but I'm fine today. Thank You, God, for restoring our health!!!
So, I have been busy with sick kids, planning and organizing 3 children's Christmas programs, working on our Christmas letter, laundry, making Christmas goodies, and even starting to get things together for our trip to Florida. Busy, Busy, Busy...but I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I weren't busy!
I'm going to a fun party soon...a Christmas goody exchange. The idea is that we each make 6 dozen of some sort of Christmas goody (cookies, candy, etc) and then we all exchange. I purchased some containers at Wal-Mart this weekend, so I'm going to fill 'em up for gifts! What a great idea these two friends of mine had!!! It should be fun! Then I'll rush home and get Abbie changed for her concert.
Really, I am savoring the season. I listen t wonderful Christmas music about 10 hours a day (thanks Honey for hooking me up!)...I read wonderful Christmas stories with my preschoolers, and with my kids. We watch Christmas specials on TV...we are doing a lot to savor the reason for the season! We are SO blessed!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart - We're so glad the kiddos are better and this morning, we prayed that you would stay well in the midst of busyness and taking care of your sick ones. We're praying for restful nights and that the joy of the season remains with you and yours. We love you - M & D