Tuesday, December 2, 2008

um...not so much on the treadmil

I decided at about 3:30 this morning that I was NOT going to be getting up at 5:15 to go walking. After being up with Bethany until midnight, and again from about 2-3:30...I decided that sleeping until 6 was a better idea.
Yup, she's got the icky crud that Andrew had last week. Breathing treatments, cough meds, no sleep, and now she has even pulled her little tummy muscles coughing so hard. One interesting thing is that the nebulizer treatments make Andrew just a bit talkative, they send Bethany into orbit! She gets so hyper! She's exhausted because she didn't sleep last night, but she just can't stop. She plays, talks, wiggles...I'm sure she'd be running marathons if she could breath well enough.

Hubby was able to take B to work with him this morning so I could teach my lovely 3 year olds (I love those guys!) and I took the afternoon off so that I could be with her to "take a nap." How did that go down? Well, it looked a little like Mommy watching the Grinch Who Stole Christmas with her eyes shut while Bethany played and made a mess in every room of the house. When I sat down she was snuggled up next to me, when the show was over, she was gone and I woke up...um, who stayed up all night? Oh, right...both of us! Maybe I should breath more of the neb meds...they would probably put me out completely! Hopefully tonight will be better and tomorrow everyone can be back to normal. Hubby has a funeral tomorrow morning, so if B isn't well enough for school, I will need to find a sub. Prayers are appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

Hi sweetheart, I'm so sorry Bethany got the crude too. I had been aware of the fact that she was coughing a little before we left, so I'm really not surprised. I hope each day is a little better. I'm so sorry for the missed sleep - that is hard on both of you. Love you bunches - and thanks again for a great Thanksgiving at your home.
Love M & D