Monday, December 8, 2008

Abbigail funny!

Tonight was Abbigail's Christmas program. She did wonderfully!! She was chosen to do a special quartet with 3 othe little girls. She did GREAT!! And she was so cute if I do say so myself!
After the program, we went to Wendy's for supper. Couldn't eat at home because we didn't have water! Hubby has been working on installing a water softner, my Jack-of-all-trades! He lined everything up, hooked up the new pipes...and then shut off our water to splice the new pipes into place. Only problem is that it didn't go together quite as quickly as he thought it would, so he just had to leave it in place so we could go to the program. After we went to eat, he finished the project...and we have water again!!!
Ok, now to the Abbie funny!!! While we were sitting at Wendy's, Andrew told us that he was learning about Kwanza at school...we wanted to find out what he knew, but he didn't know much. He said it was a holiday to celebrate principles. He wasn't sure what that meant. Abbigail perked up and said "I bet Mrs. R would love that holiday!!" Huh?? OH!!!HAHAHAH!!! Mrs. R is her princiPAL!!!! Principle, principal...what's the difference??? :o)

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Elizabeth said...

Cute story :) SO Sorry I've been MIA but I hope your holidays are turning out beautifully :)