Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Card pic...

So, I took about 35 pics and I think this is my favorite...Merry Christmas everyone!


Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous Picture of your Gorgeous Children- Merry Christmas Andie :)

Rebecca said...

oh gosh-they are LOVELY.

I have been struggling with the whole "Christmas Matching" this year-I want to so badly, but since I didn't do ANY Christmas shopping until Saturday (usually I do it throughout the year, but this year was too crazy with the move and stuff) that means ALL our gifting needs to come out of ONE paycheck. Leaving me with NO MONEY for splurges. Like matching Christmas dresses.

My sewing machine is broken too-(I asked for its repair as my Christmas present) so I can't even whip something out with the fabric I HAVE.

This really REALLY stinks, because now I have two girlies to play the matchy match game with.

Yikes. I didn't mean to moan and groan on your blog. I guess what I am saying (rather inelegantly) is this: your family is BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE that you dress your girls matching occasionally. They all look so grown up compared to last year~especially Andrew!

Have a VERY Merry Christmas Andie~much love to you and yours.

FROM: Me and mine! ;-)

Anonymous said...

what a great photo! Beautiful kids!