Monday, December 15, 2008

BRRRR!! and Skating!

Oh My GOODNESS it is so COLD here!! It was -2 when I took the kids t school this morning, and now it has warmed up to a balmy -1!!! BRRRR!! Thank You, God for our new furnace!!!

Yesterday it was a tasty 6 degrees and I drove the 40 miles to "Little Big City" to go roller skating with our county 4-H group. It was fun, but oh, so FUNNY!! First, Bethany said she did NOT want to skate. Fine by me, that means I don't have to!! So we got Andrew and Abbigail all laced up. Abbie promply fell flat on her tush. Poor girl. They kept falling and kept falling. Holding onto the wall only worked a little bit! Abbigail said she was "terrified of these things!" Then, Bethany decided that she DID want to skate, so back we went to pay for her and I, get our skates, get them on....They had little kids' skates that just went on over the shoe, the kind that do not roll freely. She took off! She was much faster than her brother and sister because her skates gave her some control! They decided that maybe they should have that kind of skates, too. So we unlaced, got the exchange, and put them on Abbigail. While they wear the same size shoe, Andrew's shoe soles are much bigger than Abbie's, and his shoe wouldn't fit inside the skate. :o( So he had to put the regular ones back on. Abbie took off in the new skates. She had a blast in the new skates. Andrew started getting the hang of the skating thing and we had fun! Brought me back to my Jr. High days when that was the "THING" to do! I spent many Friday nights at the roller rink! Here are a few pics of our fun!
Abbie just getting going, Andrew carrying his big skates!
Andrew and his favorite wall!
Abbie and one of her best friends, Hallie.
My little skate pro!
What Bethany and her friend spent most of the time doing...playing on the benches!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet - I was in bed, when your father said - wow, there are some great pictures on Andie's blog. So - out of bed I hopped to find some fun and beautiful pics of some very special grandchildren. Thanks so much for posting them - it is the next best thing to being there. We love you so much - and are anxious to see you soon.........Love M & D

Anonymous said...

Aw!!!! I used to love to skate. Now? I think I would be terrified of those things, too!

Cute pics!