Saturday, December 20, 2008

Still here...

Yes, I am still alive, but barely! I have survived two children's Christmas programs and have yet one more tomorrow. The kids and I are out of school until we get back from our vacation to Florida. They have a bunch of homework to work on before we leave. I have a TON of housework to catch up on. This house is falling apart! At least the neatness factor is falling apart. I've just been so busy and over-extended that I have let things here S-L-I-D-E!!! So, this week, while the kids are working on their homework, I will be working on my HOME work! I also need to spend time getting ready for a state inspection at school, and preparing things for my I guess I'm not "out of school" quite yet!!!
Hopefully I will have time, soon, to post pictures of all three of my Christmas programs. They have been so much fun! The three-year-old program was all of 10 minutes, and then Santa came for a visit. The 4 year old program was a bit longer. They acted out a book as I read it. It was along the same lines as the "12 days of Christmas" except we put together a "live nativity" as we read the story. For example, the first day of Christmas was "Baby Jesus, sleeping peacefully." The second day was "Two parent's smiling" (Mary & Joseph). Day three was "Three wise men giving." etc. etc. etc. (Thanks to my sis-in-law, Jill, who gave this book to MY kiddos a few years ago for Christmas! It was so much fun!) We finished the 4 year old program around 2:30, and then I ran over to the elementary school so I could be there for my older children's Christmas parties. By the time I got home, I had two messages from mom's of my 4 year old classes about how much they loved the program, so that was a great boost!!

Well, on to prepare for Sunday school and see if there is anything I have forgotten about tomorrow's program...I'm SURE there is!!

PS...Hubby has his "yearly" Christmas cold. Sinus pain, cough, etc...Abbie also has it. Prayers are greatly appreciated!!

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