Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bethany's new do....OOPS!

I wanted to give Bethany a little trim to even up her hair. A LITTLE trim. Um, oops. Girly wouldn't stand still. She kept tilting her head this way, then that way. Shrugging her shoulders. WIGGLING! I want to cry! There is a HUGE pile of hair. The cut looks cute, but it is NOT what I intended to do!
Turkey STILL won't be still! I was hoping to give Abbie a little trim, too...I DON'T think I'll be doing anymore trimming at home!


Cynthia Anderson said...

I think her hair looks fine, it's cute. I can remember a time of me trimming your hair in the front. It didn't look so cute.

Elizabeth said...

Samantha had one of those haircuts once. She hated it- I'm glad Bethany is smiling! She looks super cute I think :)