Friday, November 21, 2008

Thenderhearted Abbigail...or Rockey strikes again!

Hmmm...what to title this post? Couldn't decide, so I gave it two names. Can you guess what it is about? Abbigail knocked out a little girl's tooth tonight. Nope it wasn't even loose. Yes, THANK YOU GOD, it was a baby tooth. Now this little girl can sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!" is what happened. When I went to pick up my daughters and a friend from dance class (they had a combined class...long story). Well, I was waiting for Pokey Pants (aka, Bethany) to get her shoes on. Our neighbor, P, was standing beside me waiting patiently like a very well mannered child (she is!). Abbigail was in the lobby chatting with some friends and being silly. She was teasing one of the girls and turned to run away from her, and ran strait into another little girl. Knocked her top tooth clean out. This other little girl, C, lost her first top tooth on Monday, and the second on Thursday....however, the tooth lost on Monday was loose and ready to go. Thursday's tooth, not so much. I heard all the screaming and crying and knew instantly that Abbigail was involved, recognized that howl! C was holding "something" in her hand and the blood was starting to flow. Luckily C's mom and I were both there. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a bunch of paper towels. We finally deduced exactly what had happened, cleaned her up, and she was ok...but Abbigail was still howling. She felt SO BAD! Oh my goodness I have never met someone with such a tender heart. C was hugging Abbie telling her that it's ok.

Abbie cried off and on all evening. She believes that she is forgiven but still feels terrible and has made promises to be much more careful in the future. It was purely an accident, I keep telling her that no one blames her and none is angry at her. Anyway, besides her heartache, she does have a small cut and bump on her for head where she contacted that little tooth.
If you have a few moments and want to say a prayer for my little girl's heart, I would appreciate it. Such a big heart. It loves so dearly, and is so broken when she causes pain to anything, or even hears about suffering. Even going out to eat can be heart-wrenching for her. Pizza Hut had these table tent things talking about world hunger and how they were collecting $1, putting your name on this certificate know how it works. She read about how some children don't have food to eat and then she had trouble eating her supper. She felt so bad that she has abundant food while children are girl is going to change the world someday!


Anonymous said...

Andie, how exciting for you and your family to have you mom and dad for Thanksgiving. You have so much to be thankful for this year. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your family. Love you aunt marilyn

Elizabeth said...

Poor Kiddo :( Hope she has a better day very soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Bless her little heart!!! I feel for her. We will say a little prayer for her tonight.