Saturday, November 22, 2008


I don't watch commercials very often. Most of my TV viewing is from the know, record shows while I'm busy with life, watch after the kids are in bed while I should be doing dishes, sweeping, moping, know...
Anyway, I did see a commercial the other day that made me laugh out loud! Made me laugh so hard I replayed it after I ran to the other room to get Hubby. Made him watch it. I was laughing so hard I could hardly speak. Oh My Goodness...this just tickles my funny bone!

A few days later I saw this one, it is pretty funny, too!

Thanks for letting me share! :o) So...anyone wanna come help me with my 19 1/2 pounder this week????


Anonymous said...

Your Mom is just glad that the church is fixing some turkeys!! if you fix the 19 1/2 pounder, i can guarntee you that it will not be 19 1/2 when we leave!! Love you guys,(and thanks for the laugh - we had not seen those two yet) and are looking forward to spending a few days with you all this week. It was good to see your hubby yesterday, just too short. Lots of love from us to you!! Dad and Mom

Holly said...

Andie, thank you for your comment on my latest post. I believe that God can use our pain for His glory and even for our own good.
Love the turkey commercials. I don't watch TV (well almost never) so look what I am missing!
LOVE the hubby's way of defrosting the turkey! I haven't seen my hubby for 2 weeks, which is NOTHING in military life, but I will be so glad to see him and won't be asking him to do any food prep for thanksgiving! ;+)