Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Or, Happy Turkey Day!
I roasted my first turkey SOLO today...well, I only called one friend for advice, searched on the Internet for another question, and IM'd another friend when I could not find the answer. I even deboned MOST of Tom myself! All of the white meat was pristine and yummy...the dark meat was still in legs, bones, wings, etc...I left that job for the wonderful women at church to help me out! All in all, I was very proud of myself! I have come a long way, baby...when I was a new bride I was grossed out by raw meat. I COULD not debone anything! The only meat we ate was hamburger (even touching this made me gag!) and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. After getting as much meat as I could stomach off ol' Tom's bones, I took the entire thing (carcass and all) to church thinking these veteran turkey cookers would be able to get a lot more meat than I, a first timer. However, (they might have just being nice here!) they said I did a good job! I did get a bit of ribbing for tossing out the broth, however. I wasn't thinking about broth, just thinking that all this juice was in my way, so I poured it down the, OOPS! Lesson learned, SAVE THE BROTH! ;o)

I am so thankful this many, many blessings to be thankful for! I will list just a few...and then I will go to bed (my comfy bed is a blessing to be sure!)
  • My husband...I am so thankful for my partner in life....we were made for each other and I love him SO much!
  • My children...all three of them are such wonderful blessings. They are growing so quickly...I hope to remember just what a great blessing they are to me this year! Andrew has been sick again, his asthma is no fun. But I am thankful that he was more himself today. Wanting to play games and even eat a little. Thank You, God for healing my little guy...continued healing is my prayer. Thusfar, the girls are healthy and I pray they remain so!
  • My parents....they are here to celebrate Thanksgiving with us this year! My dad is doing wonderful! He used his walker and walked up the 2 steps into my home! A TRUE miracle! He says he is getting rid of his wheel chair this year! YEA! My mom is such a wonderful support, mentor, and mother. I truly would not be the person I am today without her (both of them!). I love you both, very much!
  • My church...we have such a wonderful church family who loves us and supports us. We are blessed that God brought us here to serve with these people.
  • My job...I have longed to teach, even while staying home and teaching my own children. I longed to teach in a classroom. I love it. This is one of my passions in life. The directing part, I am still trying to figure out and embrace...but I am thankful that God has provided this opportunity for me to stretch and grow. I just keep reminding myself that growing isn't always easy, or comfortable...but necessary.
  • My God. Where would I be without Him? He is the one who has blessed me so richly, so dearly. And, the most amazing blessing that He has bestowed on me is the gift of forgiveness, faith, and eternal life...THANK YOU, GOD!!! I am so unworthy, and yet He chose to do this for me... I am humbled.
  • My bed...I'm exhausted...I'm sleepy...I'm going to bed. A BIG day tomorrow...did I mention it is Thanksgiving? Our church hosts a HUGE Thanksgiving feast here in our town. Last year we served over 300 people! We take meals to shut-ins, to the county jail, and many people come and get carry-outs to feed their families. We do not charge for this meal. It is a love offering to the people in our community. We do sit out a basket to receive what people would like to give. However, our church does not keep these gifts, they are handed directly over to our community food bank to bless more people. God has so richly blessed our congregation with servant hearts. Thank You, God!
  • to bed. Nighty night and happy Thanksgiving!

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