Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A week alrady???

Can it really have been a week already since I posted? Time seems to be FLYING by lately! We've been busy, as usual. Meetings, school, preschool, church, boy scouts, girl scouts, choir, 4-H, etc, etc, etc. And now, Bethany is sick again. She's got that terrible cough, AGAIN! Thankfully, hubby was able to stay home with her today. A slight fever, coughing so hard she throws up, poor baby. She ended up crawling in bed with me around 11:00 last night, hubby wasn't in bed yet so she chose his pillow. He said he just didn't have the heart to disturb her since she was FINALLY sleeping, so he slept on the living room floor. I guess the floor was better than the couch...but I don't know how! :o)
In other news, I ordered a stroller off of ebay on Monday. I'm so excited. Hubby keeps saying "I thought we were done with strollers!" but I have my reasons! With our trip to Disney coming closer and closer I knew I would want a different stroller. We have your basic umbrella type of stroller, and that is fine for what we use a stroller for now-days. Bethany is 4 and can walk pretty much anywhere we go...however, I know she won't last at Disney. So, what's wrong with the umbrella stroller you ask? (So did hubby!) It's just a bit weak, I don't know if it would last the entire trip! Plus, Andrew and Abbigail would not be able to take a break in it if they wanted, or it would collapse! The stroller I ordered can hold 55 pounds, so if Abbigail and Andrew are exhausted, they can take turns in the new stroller. The one I found that I wanted was a Maclaren, which are very expensive! But I've read enough reviews and talked to enough moms to know that they are worth their cost! So, being the cheapie that I am (oh, I mean FRUGAL) I checked on Ebay. Yup, they have them there! However, the used ones go for almost as much as the new ones! (Can you say RESALE!) The one I got is a 2007 model, so it's not the current model, but it was an overstock, so it's still new in the box. It even PINK, so Bethany is excited. I got it for $65 (and that includes shipping) and new in the store they are over $100. I ordered it on Monday morning, and 2 hours later UPS already had shipping info. Boy was that quick!!! It should arrive here on Thursday. This is my first ebay purchase, so I was a bit nervous...I'll let you know how it turns out!
We had a COLD spell last week. Highs in the 60's are NOT normal for September. However, right now it is 83, so that's more like it...but I think I like the FALL weather!
My parents had 11 inches of rain this weekend....now they have waterfront property! ;o) Hopefully the rain will stay away and their lawn will emerge from the water, not to mention their basement, the road, etc...I hope the rest of my Wichita family survived relatively unscathed. By the way....I'm coming to see you guys this weekend...a very quick trip! Probably won't even get to see you all, unfortunately, but I'll be there for a few hours.

I think I'm finally getting this new routine down. I've cooked a few times, and I think I am getting my school/teaching thing down again. It's a lot of fun. Hopefully Bethany will be better and get to come back to school tomorrow, I missed seeing her smiling face and getting a hug!
Well, hope that catches you up on our lives, I need to go pick up my 'Brownie' from scouts. Blessings to you all!


Elizabeth said...

You got a great deal on that stroller! I'm sure you will be pleased. I have bought so many things off of Ebay and rarely had a problem, so you should be just fine :)

I bet you can't wait for Disneyworld! I wouldn't be able to!!! :)

Hope Bethany feels better very soon!

Anonymous said...

Give it a couple more weeks and you will have the chaos done to more of a routine sounds like it is going good just hectic. Bethany & Addison have the same thing the Doc. said it was a virus. Brad will be glad to know you know use ebay. Tell everyone hi. Jenny

Anonymous said...

Hey Andie - I'm glad things are beginning to get easier with the school routine for your and the kids. Now - if everyone could just stay well. Aaron called after we talked to you and both of their girls have been sick this week too. - Fevers, tummy upsets and more, etc. Thankfully - they are both doing better now. They are excited about taking their cousins to the Valley Fall Festival and parade. We're anxious to have you come home - even for a few hours. Love ya - M.

Anonymous said...

becki was swamped with the rain-she had a couple of inches in her garage. she got jon's canoe out and the kids canoed up and down the middle of there street all the way up to 5th street. It got into there crawl space and she had to throw away alot of things and it smells moldy. Jon's grampy died in Maine so he left Sat for the funeral and will return today. We will be home next Sat we seem to keep missing each other. Glad your life is leveling out some and tell Bethany to get to feeling better. Brennans blood sugars have been going high for no reason so we think he might be trying to come down with something. Have a safe trip love ya aunt marilyn