Friday, September 19, 2008

My Hubby is AMAZING!

I am so proud of my husband. He is considered a "young" pastor, but he has been nominated for a very prestigious program. It's called "Pastoral Leadership Institute" or PLI. You have to be nominated by your peers and approved by our district president. Not very many pastors each year are nominated and accepted into this program...just to be nominated is a very exciting thing!
PLI is a 4 year program that involves a lot of study, travel, service, etc, etc. But one exciting thing about it is that the wives are a big part of it! Wives go on a lot of the trips with the pastor and are a very important part of the whole process.
He just found out today that he was nominated, so please keep the whole process in your prayers. First of all, we will need to pray about it and decide if this is something we want to persue as a couple and family. It does take a lot of time and trips...and with already serving a vacant congregation, time is something that seems to be in short supply. If we decide this is something we do want to pursue, we also need to have the support of our congregation. This program is not free, and the congregation is expected to pay the majority of the costs. As you all know, money does not grow on trees, but God will provide if this is what He wants Hubby to do!
Thank you for letting me brag on my man for a while!!! He really is pretty awesome!
Did I mention that he stayed home and worked from his laptop this week when Bethany was sick! He's such a MAN! Love you, MY MAN!


Rebecca said...

What a gorgeous family!

It is so great that you have been so blessed with your husband...and are a blessing to him too. It means a lot to a man for his woman to take the time to brag. Some don't.

So- GOOD for you!

Anonymous said...

Look at all of you! So adorable and happy!

Congratulations to hubby! Praying for all of you!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on the nomination- what a wonderful thing! Loved the family picture too! :)

Anonymous said...

Know we're behind you and Warren and will support you and the family in every way that we can. We love you and are very proud of all of you. M & D
P.S. Thanks for the whirl-wind visit. We hope you aren't too tired!!

Anonymous said...

That's great! Hope it happens....our pastor goes to PLI also and is very fired up when he gets back!

THe photo of your family is great....I sure miss all of you
Love, LULU