Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Poison Ivy, Ear Infections, and Migrains..OH MY!

Oh,'s been a week! We had a GREAT time in Wichita visiting my family. We went to the zoo, played, played, and played some more. The kids really LOVE seeing their cousins (and Bobbie and Papa, too!)
We came home a bit earlier on Thrusday than we had previously planned because severe storms were predicted. We wanted to get a jump on it so we would hopefully miss the bad weather. It worked. We only ran into some heavy rain, but quickly drove out of it. Shortly before we arrived home they had a torrential downpour. As we drove into town, gutters were still overflowing and the streets were very wet, but the sun was shining! Friday was a day of playing "catch-up" from being gone part of the week. Saturday was a VERY fun day. We went to the lake for "OK Kids day" which is fun. We learned a bit about bird watching, fishing, bird calling (turkey, duck, goose, etc). After the lunch, we went to another part of the state park where the water is very clear and you can see the fish. Hubby and Andrew had a LOT of fun, they each caught 3 fish, but alas, none big enough to keep. Apparently some time at the lake, I made contact with some poison ivy...though I didn't start itching until yesterday. I have nice pink spots (calamine lotion) on both arms...LOVELY!

Monday Bethany had a blastball game...she is just so adorable and has so much fun! Tuesday Andrew had a t-ball game, and then I planned to run a bunch of errands. Didn't happen. During the game, Abbie said she didn't feel well, she ended up sitting by the concession stand out of the wind and away from the crowds because she said they were too noisy. After the game we came home instead of doing our errands and the poor girl spent almost the entire day in bed. She missed her first library-story time of the summer, and yet another softball game. She felt HORRIBLE! At one point she said she just wished she could die. Broke my heart. She laid there with a blanket over her eyes and her ears. Every time Bethany or Andrew went into her room she would say "PLEASE BE QUIET!" even though they weren't being noisy. I am no expert (thank goodness) but I believe this was a migraine. The doctor's office suggested tylenol and ibuprofen together, and if that didn't help to bring her to the ER (the dr's office was closing by the time I called). Thankfully it did help, some. This morning she woke up feeling somewhat better, but she was running a fever. By the time Andrew's t-ball game was over this morning, she was feeling poorly again. I called the doc and was able to get her in...double ear infections. When is this stuff going to end???? Hopefully she'll be TONS better by Saturday, we're finally having her birthday party!

My asthma started acting up a lot like it did last summer. My doc gave me advair right away again...LOVE THE STUFF for my lungs, not so much for my mouth. It's horrible! I feel like I'm eating cotton all the time. I'm constantly sipping water, which I guess is good, but I don't like the feeling...but then again, I like to breath, so I guess something has to give! She did say she wants me to try something called "Asthmonex" but she wanted to get the asthma under control with what we know works first.

We've had a lot of fun, and have a TON of fun pictures to prove it, though they are still on the camera. Hopefully I'll get to that soon! For now you'll just have to take my word for it.

Still working hard on VBS and preschool stuff. Gotta get lots of it done before we go to visit our North Dakota family in July!
Hope everyone's summer is going well!

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