Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My baby is alive, different, but alive

Well, Dell followed through and sent the hard drive (even sent it to my parent's home so that I could get it!...the DHL truck pulled in just after we did, perfect timing!). Hubby spent many hours working on getting things back up and running...he is the computer genious...I LOVE HIM! Thanks Honey!
The computer is different, haven't gotten it all "tweeked" back to my specks yet, but at least it is up and running and my documents are ok! YEA!
We're having a GREAT time with my parents, sister-in-law, and nieces. My brother hears that we're coming to town and quick makes plans to leave! The last time we were here he had meetings in California, now he is in Colorado! He'll be home tonight and come join us for breakfast so we can see him before we leave. Mom, Dad, Jill, Ella, Ava, Abbigail, Andrew, Bethany, and I spent the morning at the zoo. We had a great time, those animals are so fun! We stayed until about 2:00 and then headed home...EVERYONE but the drivers was asleep before we got home. After naps, the girls came over and we played in the water for a while.

Last night a couple of my cousins and an aunt and uncle came over to celebrate Abbie's birthday. It was nice to see those who were able to make it...and those that couldn't...well, just see what I have planned for you! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! :o)

Tomorrow my real baby turns 8! I CANNOT believe that she was born 8 years ago! If you want to read her birth story (or what she was up to last year!), it can be found here...I wrote about it last year on her birthday. I'll do a special post about her tomorrow (or Friday if I don't get it done tomorrow.)

One thing I haven't gotten back from my computer crashing is my links. If I read your blog (or you want me to!) please leave me a comment so that I can find you again!! Thanks! :o)


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on both your "babies" but especially for your real one. Happy Happy Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Andie, I had never read your 7 year old birthday post about Abbie. I was just sitting here at work crying. What a wonderful post. I am so sorry that I missed you while in town. I hate that it coincided with Loni's vacation. We could have both made it to see you if they had been here since I doubt her dog would have been sick if his family was here. I'm glad that you've been able to spend some time with your folks and Jill and the girls. Aaron's loss, hunh? Next time, Sweetie - I promise!! Love, Aunt Patty.