Monday, June 16, 2008

Fishing at the lake

I am going to do a bunch of posts today, hopefully get caught up with the pictures I've been promising you!

First post is about the day we spent at the lake two Saturdays ago. We were there for nearly 9 hours, and these are my favorite pics.

Andrew really enjoyed fishing this day...probably had something to do with the fact that he actually caught 3 fish this day, he was VERY excited! This is the biggest fish we caught this day, the rest of them were very tiny. Small, but still made for a fun day. (we did release all the fish...none for dinner!)
Bethany and Abbigail quickly lost patience with fishing. They made their own fun. Playing in the water, going for walks, laying on a quilt in the shade (this is where I was most of the afternoon!).
Our lake is very beautiful. This is one of the "springs" across the highway from the main lake. This is where we caught our fish (and where I believe I caught the poison ivy! ICK!) Beautiful. (that is Andrew's red fishing pole sticking up in the middle of my scenic picture!)
There was painting in the morning at the kids' activities. Most of Bethany's wore off during the day, but Abbigail's stayed. This is how the girls looked about 2 minutes after we left the lake. SLEEPY gals! Andrew never gave up, though!

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