Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ears and needles....

Turns out that Bethany isn't the only one with ear problems. Last night just as I was getting ready for bed (kiddos had been in bed for about 1 1/2 hours and Hubby wasn't home yet from a meeting), Abbigail came out crying. She doesn't cry all that often, so I was surprised. She said her ears (yes, earS) hurt. Hurt BAD. We used the pain drops that the doctor gave us for Bethany, I gave her tylenol, but she was still crying and rubbing her ears. I laid her down in my bed with the heating pad, I laid down with her and rubbed her back. She did seem to calm down and I started dozing off. Every time I was close to dreamland, she would start sobbing again. Poor girl was miserable. Around 11:30 or so she said that she heard popping, and her ear didn't hurt so bad anymore. She said she couldn't hear very well. I was up most of the night with either her crying about her ears, or Bethany crying because she was lonely. Finally around 3:30 I ventured out to the livingroom and camped out on the couch. Finally, sleep....for a little bit. Bethany found me!
This morning I called the doctor to get Abbie in, I just KNEW her ear drum had burst. Hubby was able to take her since I had a bunch of extra kids. She called with his cell phone from the doctors crying "I have to get a shot!" Now, Daddy is always teasing them that they are going to have to get a shot, so I thought that he was playing a cruel trick. He wasn't. Her ear drum had not burst yet, but it was VERY inflamed and swollen. They gave her a shot of antibiotics and she has to go back tomorrow afternoon to get checked again and have another shot. Poor girl couldn't even lay down to rest this afternoon because her "tushie" hurts. After tomorrow's shot she won't even be able to sit down. She is acting like she feels a lot better, but her ear is still pretty plugged and hurts if you ask her.
Andrew was pretty proud of himself that he was the only one going to school today. "I'm healthy, I'm all better!" he kept saying. So cute.
Hope everyone in your neck of the woods is feeling "above" the weather!


Kate said...

Oh your poor girls. I suffered from horrible ear infections as a child and I know how painful they can be. I pray that everyone is feeling very better, very soon, and that you get to enjoy a night of peaceful sleep tonight.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!

My ears were ALWAYS bad when I was a kid. The last earache I had though, I was sooooo old enough to know I should have gone to the doc... and ended up going to the Emergency room at midnight where they gave me antibiotics and vicodin! Poor hubby didn't know what kind of baby he had on his hands back then!

I'm glad to hear things are (hopefully) on the mend. There's just nothing worse than everyone being sick at once.

Bless you as you're dealing with it!

Elizabeth said...

Hope everyone's feeling better and was able to have a good weekend!!!