Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Meme...about me!

There is an interesting MEME going around. It is just a bunch of questions that help us in bloggy land get to know each other better. I haven't actually been tagged, but most of the ladies who have answered say "Go ahead and answer if you want." So...I'm answering. I think it's fun to get to know a little bit more about each other. So...if you've got time to read, here it is!

How many times a week do you cook and eat out? I cook most nights, we might just do sandwiches if time is short. We usually go out only one night a week...some weeks we don't go out at all.

What is your families' favorite dinner? Everyone loves Calzones...or Pizza Pockets as we call them. Everyone gets to pick what they want inside their own pockets. I make the kiddos pockets smaller and Hubby's and I's pockets bigger...just yummy!
Do you have a fast and easy recipe that you use frequently? Anything quick and easy...spaghetti, tacos, sloppy joes, etc. A lot of things I make a big batch (sloppy joes, taco meat,etc) and freeze extra so on nights we are REALLY short on time I can just grab it out of the freezer and throw it in the microwave...dinner on the table in 5 minutes!
What kind of snacks and drinks do you keep on hand? We always have fruit, apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, and strawberries are REALLY GOOD right now! Crackers are another favorite. The kids drink either water or milk most of the time, but get apple juice or the occasional pop as a treat. Of course I have chocolate on hand at ALL times, and hubby likes to drink diet pop quite often.
How do you break up housework? When do you get it done? Housework? What's that? Truly and honestly I don't spend near enough time in this area. I'm trying to teach my kids that if they help, it all gets done much quicker and without one person having to do it! I do at least one load of laundry a day, and my goal is to have it put away, too. Each child is assigned a different chore each day, but our routine also calls for tidying the living room, dining room, and their bedrooms each evening before bedtime. Does it happen each day? No, but we try. My goal is to have the kitchen cleaned up each night before I go to bed because I HATE to wake up to a messy kitchen, I feel behind before I even get started. Do I accomplish this all the time? No, but it is a goal.
Do you have any tips for getting it done faster/easier? Do it NOW. If I keep saying "I need to..." or "I'm going to..." it just doesn't get done. So, do it now! Not later. I really need to listen to this great advice!
Do you have a bedtime routine? Yes. About 7:30 we start "jammie time" The kids are all supposed to go get their jammies on, and pick up their rooms (toys and books put away, dirty clothes in the basket, etc). When they finish this they come help tidy the living room. During this time they also make sure their back packs are ready for morning. Chores are supposed to be done before supper, or soon thereafter, but sometimes they get put off till almost bedtime. Brush teeth by 7:50, and pray as a family. When we are finished praying they give Daddy kisses and hugs and I take them to bed, pick out the next day's clothing, kisses and hugs, tuck them in. The girls share a room and Andrew has his own room. They each listen to a lullaby CD as they go to sleep. Abbie has a new privilege...she is allowed to lay in bed and read until 8:30 since it is still light outside, and she has no trouble getting up in the morning. Andrew might have to move his bedtime up to 7:30 because he's still having lots of problems getting up in the morning. He's just not a morning person!
What is a typical day like for you? I mean a break down time wise. When to rise, when to bed, and other typical daily functions. My morning depends on my night before. If I've gotten to bed at a reasonable time (before 10:30) I get up at 5:15, start a pot of coffee, and go downstairs for a date with my treadmill. I usually walk for 45 minutes to an hour. If I don't go to bed at a reasonable time, I sleep until 6:15. After walking (or getting up at 6:15) I shower and get dressed. I wake the kids at 6:45 and they are supposed to get up, make their beds and get dressed. It usually takes a good 15 minutes to get Andrew moving. Fix hair, breakfast. We leave the house at 7:40 to get them to school. I usually go pick up one of my child care families after I drop off my kids. If it is a preschool day I get Bethany ready to go when I get home from taking the others to school. I take her to preschool at 9:00 and pick her up at 11:00. Lunch is between 11:30 and 11:45, nap is after lunch until they wake up or until it is time to go get Abbie and Andrew from school at 3:00. What we do after school depends on what is going on that night. Some nights we have Girl Scouts, 4-H, soccer (right now in the spring we have soccer, during the winter it's basketball, dance, and wrestling, summer is swimming, blast-ball, t-ball, softball, etc...lots of activities). Supper is usually between 5:30 and 6, whenever I get it on the table. The kids have an "after-school routine" checklist that they are supposed to follow (empty backpack, empty lunch box, do chores, etc) but we are no where near perfect, so it doesn't always happen.
What kind of staples do you keep stocked in your kitchen? My family could not function (at least they don't think they could) without having peanut butter and jelly in the house. And not just one kind, we have to have crunchy for the boys and creamy for the girls. :o) We seem to run out of bread and milk all the time. My freezer always has many kinds of frozen veggies...I throw a handful of frozen veggies into just about anything...we can always use more veggies in our diet! Our fridge always has fruit, yogurt, apple sauce, cheese, hot dogs, etc...Of course chocolate is always around!
How often do you go to the grocery store? I try to do my major shopping once a month at W*l-Mart, but usually end up at the local grocery at least once a week for the above mentioned bread and milk.
Do you have a special day for running errands, or is it just when you need to? Whatever comes up I do...we try to hit the library on Friday's...but that doesn't always happen on the proper day!
Do you and your husband share any of the household tasks? I do the inside stuff, with the kids' help, and he does outside. I do trim back the roses and take care of the flowers in the planters outside...but that's about it.
What is your best organization tip? Again, like above, do it now! Don't put something down on the table or counter to be put away later, put it away now. I'm really trying to learn this! Also, write everything down in one main place...a calender, my pda, whatever, just write everything down because you KNOW you will forget...or at least that's me!
What is your favorite cleaner(s)? I love Lysol wipes. The kids use these help clean the bathroom. I also love the Lysol multi-purpose cleaner. One cleaner for just about everything, now that's what I call simple!
How do you keep track of all of your events/to do? Like I said above, I write everything down. I used to have all my lists and schedules just on the fridge, they are still there, but all the games, appointments, lessons, etc are written on the family calender and also inputted into my phone (smart phone, really a genus phone, don't know what I did without this phone!) If it is an event that is not "normal" I make sure that I have a timer go off at least the day before to remind myself. The "to do's" around the house are usually on a list that I try to accomplish, but never seem to finish.

Well, do you feel like you know me better now? I would love to read about how all of you do these things...I am always looking for inspiration on how to become/stay more organized! So, I'm going to do like the other ladies...anyone interested? Leave me a comment with a link to your post if you participate so we can all see how you do things.


Kate said...

That was so much fun to read! You sound very organized, and your home sounds like a lot of fun!

Loni said...

Can I come live in your house for a while?!? I think I need to take lessons from you! Thanks for posting this because I will be using some of your tips.