Monday, April 28, 2008

Christmas Shopping!!!! (and feeling better)

I did some GREAT Christmas shopping last night! Can you believe it? It's only April...and I already have a HUGE start on Christmas. Since we are planning our Disney trip just after Christmas, we told the kids already that we won't be having the "BIG" Christmas gifts like we did last year. We explained that the trip is a major part of our family Christmas gift. However...since I am a woman obsessed (right now) with all things Disney....I was on the Disney store website. I started looking at their "outlet" and got excited. All their coats are on clearance. I got 4 things for each of the kiddos....1)a coat, 2)a T-shirt 3)flip-flops and 4)sunglasses. Yes, flip-flops and sunglasses are a weird Christmas gift, but we are going to Florida just a week and a few days after Christmas, so they are VERY fitting! With the clearance and a special of 25% off their new summer merchandise, my total was less than $90, and that was including shipping! The girls' stuff is all princess themes, while Andrew's stuff is either Cars or Buzz Lightyear themed. I'm so excited for the stuff to get here!
Thank you all for your prayers for my little girls and their ears. I believe they are all feeling better. Abbie was NOT looking forward to her second shot, so that was no fun. She was in pain all evening and was pretty sore all weekend. She'll be fine, but now does NOT want to go back to the doctor for fear of shots. Oh well...I don't like shots either!


Kate said...

Wow Andie, great job! Those are some terrific deals that you found. I might just have to pop over to their website and look around myself!

Andie said...

The coats were all originally at least $39.99...:o) Andrew's Cars coat was $12.99 while the girls' Princess coats were $14.99. :o) I LOVE a good deal! :o) ;o)