Monday, March 24, 2008

Bethany is funny...Part 2

Today was the first day Abbigail and Andrew went back to school. It was a great spring break, but they have to go back sometime! :o) My one little girl that I was supposed to have had family in town, so her mom took the day off. So...Spring break continued for me! :o) Warren had 2 people to visit in the hospital in the "city" so off we went while the older two were in school. I think Bethany thoroughly enjoyed having the two of us to herself. After the hospital we did some shopping and even went out to lunch, she got to choose where...after mom vetoed McDonald's a few times! When we were going through the check out at Wal*Mart, she was holding one of those toys they always put right next to the check-out lanes. She was playing with it, though before giving it to her I explained that she could hold it for just a few minutes, then we were putting it back, we were NOT buying it! She agreed that she would not throw a fit, and that she would give it up...pretty grown-up for a 3 year old! Well, when the time came to give up the goods, she said "I'm so disappointed." DISAPPOINTED??? What a BIG word from my little girl! At another point, Hubby was teasing her that he was going to buy her a bag of doggie treats, she told him that they were for dogs, not for "HUMANS" What?? Where is this girl picking up such big words? One other example. She was out in the patio playing this evening. She was dancing around and singing "Demonstrate!" I guess she was demonstrating her dance to us! I'm going to have to get a good dictionary to keep up with this one.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww! What a big girl!