Friday, March 21, 2008

Bethany is funny

Unfortunately, Bethany knows where I keep the key to her piggy bank. Now, she comes into the kitchen and opens the drawer, extracting the precious key. We already had to get a replacement piggy bank because I lost the last key! This morning, she wanted to show Andrew ALL the money in her she came to get the key. I told her that we aren't going to be emptying little piggy today, and put the key away before we loose it! She started throwing one of her tantrums (she's getting really good at these!) I calmly told her to settle down She settled down and then said something that almost made me fall over laughing. "How come you get to do anything you want to and I don't get to do NOTHING?" (Yes, she uses double negatives, she's only 3!) I told her that I'm the Momma, that's why! :o)
Oh, if only she knew....if only grown-ups did get to do whatever they wanted!

{We've had a fun spring break, just haven't taken time to post. I'll try to get caught up soon}

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Unashamed said...

*Snort!* Oh, wait till she finds out, she is going to be sooooo disappointed!