Thursday, February 7, 2008

My heart is hurting

I've talked about Abbigail's teacher on my blog before. She is a WONDERFUL teacher, the best I have ever seen. She is a Godly woman who follows Christ. This is hard to find in a public school. Every day I ask Abbigail how school was, and she usually says "GREAT!" with so much enthusiasm. The past few weeks, though, things haven't been so great. Mrs. Wonderfu (not real name, going for privacy here) has been gone a lot. Her father was in the hospital earlier this year, and I thought something might be wrong with him. I never expected this. One of my child care moms has Miss Wonderful (Mrs. Wonderful's daughter) in her class. The daughter told my friend that her mom has been diagnosed with cancer. She told me not to say anything, that the only reason she was telling me was so that I could be there for Abbie when Mrs. Wonderful tells the students. Well, now there are emails going around our small town asking for prayers, so it's obviously not a secret. Multiple Melenoma. I just want to cry. Why? Why? Why? Hopefully the have caught it early and it can be easily beaten! Please keep Mrs. Wonderful and her family, and her second grade class in your prayers.
How do I help my little girl who loves this teacher SO much??

Update...When I picked Abbigail up from school she said she had something important to tell me. Mrs. Wonderful has cancer. She said that the teacher wasn't going to tell the kids yet but that the phone in the classroom rang all day with people calling, so she thought she'd better tell the kids before they heard it through the "grapevine". She explained that this kind of cancer is in her blood, and that there is medicine for it. She will be missing a lot of school so she can have the medicine. Abbigail said that one of the kids asked if she was going to die. (sniff, sniff) Mrs. Wonderful said that she hoped not, but that if she did she knew she would be in heaven with Jesus. Please join me in praying for this wonderful teacher, woman, mother, and wife. Abbie kept saying "I just hope she lives." Me too, too.


Elizabeth said...

No wonder your heart is hurting- so sad about Abbie's teacher! Hopefully she will be okay! My grandmother has fought and fought with Cancer herself, and is in her late 80's now, Praise God!

Andie said...

I found out the email I received was not quite correct. The type of cancer is multiple is a form of cancer in the plasma and bone marrow. I affects the immune system as well (not good for a teacher witha bunch of snottty kids).


Jewels of My Heart said...

I will pray for her and her family. What a testimony that through this all she is glorifying the Lord.
God's peace to your little one as well.