Monday, February 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

What is for supper this week?? HMMM...let me think...

Monday: Bacon-cheeseburger meatloaf and macaroni and cheese. Carrots and ranch dressing for the kiddos and a salad for hubby and I
Tuesday: Spaghetti pizza and ooey gooey cheesy bread, salad
Wednesday: Lenten dinner at church...I don't have to cook!
Thursday: Hubby is out of town this evening for a meeting, so it's just the kiddos and I, probably a combination of corn dog for Abbigail, PB& J for Andrew, and mac&cheese leftovers for Bethany. I'll see what else I can find that tickles my fancy....basically a fend for yourself night! (although I still fix the kids food...
Friday: The girls and I are going out of town, so Andrew and Hubby are on their own.


Anonymous said...

Oh no I just thought of something-You getting this new job what will that mean for your Blog. Will we have to find something else to do now or can we still expect to be able to read you every day?

Andie said...

Well, Anonymous, I wish I could claim to post every day...but I don't do that even now. I will still post, and now I'll have fun preschool stories to share!
By the way...who are you??? :o)

Blessings to you, whoever you are!

Cayce's crazy life said...

Congrats on your new teaching job and direct orship! Have fun with those kiddos - what a great age tow ork with. I;'ll check bac to se how your doing. Gotta go - mu 7month old is on my lap - can you tell?>