Sunday, February 24, 2008

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

These three words sum up my weekend. Well, mainly only one decision, but it was a big one.
I am going back to teaching. I have accepted the job offer from the preschool here in town. I am officially now their new director and a lead teacher. I will be teaching a three-year-old class MWF mornings and a 4-year-old class M-F afternoons. I am excited about teaching, this has always been a passion and a love of mine. To be honest, the director part is a bit concerning for me. Thankfully the now-retired director is staying on as a teacher and has told me she is more than willing to show me the ropes. My other concern about going back to teaching right now is that Bethany is not in full-time school. She will be at the preschool with me for the 4-yo program, but not in my class! But I will need to find child-care for her those three mornings.
I also was nervous about calling my child-care families and telling them the news. Being teachers themselves, they understand my love of teaching, but they were hoping that I would turn the job down. They both said that they were happy for me, they think the job is a great one for me, but they are sad for themselves because good child care in this town is hard to come by (oh great, now I'm looking for childcare, too!) I will be able to finish off this school year with them, so that is a relief. They both told me that they didn't want me to take the job, but thought I should they are supportive (THANKS LADIES!)
So...this is what my mind has been full of this weekend. It is good to have a decision made. Warren and I both feel pretty good about it, so that is also a blessing. Thank you all for your love , support, and prayers...please don't stop now!


Anonymous said...

I'm really happy for you. The children will be blessed by having you as there teacher. God Bless you and your new work. Aunt Marilyn

Rebecca said...

It probably feels SO good to have the decision made, that, in and of itself is cause for rejoicing! It is too bad Bethany couldn't be in your class! Bummer!