Monday, February 25, 2008

Grocery Shopping

I ran to the grocery store this evening to buy some milk, bread, and a few other supplies for the week. While I ran through the isles...I saw other items that I knew we were nearly out of, that were on sale! I only purchased two things that weren't on sale, eggs and generic velveeta (gotta have it for mac-n-cheese!). My total was $29.81. The kicker part is the total savings...$25.18!!!! I purchased my groceries for nearly half price! I LOVE a good deal! All of these items are things we will use, nothing that was "out there" and will sit on the shelf. Here's a list of all the groceries I got for $29.81 (this includes tax, and remember, this is all from the local, small town grocery store)
1 dozen eggs
2-2 cup packages of kr*ft mozarella cheese
generic velveeta
2 gallons of skim milk
2 jars of Ragu spaghetti sauce
2 loaves of sandwich bread
3 pkgs hotdogs
2 pounds of apples
2.8 pounds of red grapes
1 sleeve of celery

Ok, the receipt is much longer, and looks much more impressive. The milk was on sale for $2.99, and is usually $3.85 and the grapes were on sale for .99 cents/pound, they are usually more around the $3.00/pound mark this time of year...and they look so yummy! I know some kiddos who will be in heaven when they open up their lunch boxes tomorrow!
I know I could probably do even better if I took the time to clip coupons, but I just don't take the time. I generally purchase the store brand, unless (like today) the name brand is on sale cheeper than the store brand.
I was just so excited when I saw that the total was $29.81 and the total savings for today was $25.18...just wanted to share! Thanks for letting me ramble! :o)


Elizabeth said...

I've been really trying to work the sales, and scour for coupons lately, so I am with you!!! We went to JCPENNEY this weekend and they had their amazing sales (they have the best sales EVER) At the bottom of the receipt shows total savings. We spent around 60.00 and saved almost 1000.00- UNBELIEVEABLE!!!

Andie said...


Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in knowing what Elizabeth could buy for $60 and save $1,000!!!! I'd buy it just so I could save that kind of money - it would have to be worth it!!

Dad / Papa

Loni said...

I LOVE getting a deal...on anything really!!! I should cut coupons too, but every time I do they just end up sitting around until they expire. I have good intentions, but I always end up at the store needing something without the coupon. Oh well! That is why I find all the good sales I can!
And you made me hungry for grapes!
Love ya

Elizabeth said...

"dad" :)
Penney's had their 1.97 racks all throughout the store. My hubby got a bunch of dress shirts Van Heusen I believe, we bought some for my own dad (shh don't tell) for Father's Day, I got costume style jewelry for 97cents, a dress for myself retail 90.00 for 5.97 (my two dresses and a shirt were the only things not 1.97 or less,) shirts for my son for next yr, hoodies for my older kids etc, etc, all for 1.97 each! You should check it out if you live near a Penneys!!! v:)