Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Pics (FINALLY!)

Well, it's Friday...Halloween was 2 days ago, and I'm just now getting this post done! Sorry everyone! It's been a busy week. One of my childcare moms went back to work after a 2 1/2 month maternity leave, so instead of 2-3 extra kiddos, I've had 4-5 extra kiddos. The 1 year old is doing great, the baby...well...we're still getting to know each other. She has taken maybe 2 oz of milk from the bottle all week. She just waits for her momma to come nurse her during her lunch time, and then when she goes home. She is ok with that, but, she doesn't like to go to sleep. Once she's asleep, and being held, she's fine. It's the going to sleep that's rough...and don't even THINK about laying her down once she's asleep! I'm going to try the swing today and see how that goes. If she happens to fall asleep in her car seat, she'll sleep for a LONG time (she's been asleep in it since she arrived at 8:00, 2 1/2 hours ago!!). So, anyway...that is to explain my tardiness in posting my pics...
Without further adu...Halloween Pics!
First is the "Fairy Princess" I made the skirt for Abbie two years ago...but Bethany put her own twist on it! :-)
Next is the "Ninja Warrior." Warren put the red make-up on his forehead and everyone thought he was a ninja that was loosing the fight :o) (I made the red vest). Then there is the beautiful "Cheetah." This was Abbigail's dance recital costume last spring, we thought it was too cute not to use it again!
All three of my cuties!
Lastly there is the "pastor/pirate/crazy person" who took the kiddos trick-or-treating.
Knocking on their first door (our neighbors Terry & Glenda)
Glenda took this pic of the whole family
We're off to get some candy!!!! Don't forget lots of chocolate for momma!!!!!!


Loni said...

Your kiddos looked SOOOOO cute! I just love halloween. I'm glad you guys had a good one, and hopefully you got lots and lots of chocolate! I was excited everytime Nat got peanut butter cups because she hates them and I love them! Is that wrong?!?! HA HA


ronvic7 said...

Too cute, my kids gave me all their Smarties:)
Don't you just love Fall? God Bless,
Vickie and Kat

Elizabeth said...

Your kiddos looked so cute and they looked like they had great fun :)