Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Be Still, My Soul, Before the Lord

Be Still, my soul, before the Lord,
For God is always near.
Before your mind is moved to pray,
God listens and will hear.

You need not multiply your words
Nor pray with practiced art.
Beyond all speech, God understands
The hunger of your heart.

Wait, then, in quiet confidence,
Your anxious thought at rest.
God knows our needs before you ask
And works for what is best

Be still, my soul, before the Lord;
On God in patience wait.
God's love, unseen, surrounds your life;
God's help will not be late.

-Herman G. Stuempfle Jr.

While practicing the hymns for that weekend's worship service (a few weeks ago), I ran across this hymn. The words really spoke to me. Prayer is such an important part of my life. Talking to (and hopefully listening to) my Creator, Savior, and God...He who knows me better than I know myself, and loves me anyway. We say prayers before our meals, and also before bedtime with our kiddos...but they are also beginning to bring spontaneous prayer requests, which I think is so wonderful! They pray for friends who are sick, Papa (my dad in the hospital), Uncle Nick (serving in the Army), and lots of other things that I don't even think to pray about. {This pic is from last November...saying bedtime angels}


Elizabeth said...

This is such a precious photo! I LOVE IT! We too pray before meals, and I always pray with Samuel before bed- sometimes now he wants to do it himself, so his prayer consists of a few garbled words and "in Jesus Name We Pray, Amen" :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Andi(e) and Warren for teaching your Kiddos and our Grand-Kiddos the power and comfort of prayer!

Papa and Bobbie

Rebecca said...


Andie. I am just getting a chance to get caught up on your blog and I just HAD to say, this photo brings TEARS to my eyes!

What a wonderful job you are doing! My daughter just came down and saw this picture and said, "Oh-those children must really love the Lord."

Your children might have even inspired her to do the same at night!

YOu should frame this one and put it on your wall to remind you of the pay off of all your hardwork. Especially on days that are HARD to swallow!