Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Monday Happenings

Monday was quite the interesting day at the Prochnow Place. Bethany went to bed with something yucky (syrup, I think) in her hair, so her day began with a bath...she LOVES them, so she wasn't unhappy! She got to play in the bubbles as long as she chose...and she chose a LONG time! :-)
Warren picked Abbigail up from school a bit early so she could go to the dentist to get her cavity fixed, they had to put a cap on one of her molars. Poor thing was so nervous, and then she had to sit int he waiting room for over 20 minutes before they called her back. Warren says she did great. I'm so thankful he was able to go with her, I just don't deal well with my kiddos being hurt. Taking them to get shots has always been hard, but I'm not sure I could have done this. I know it is for her good...but still! Her entire face was numb for most of the evening. She was pulling on her lip because is felt so "funny." Unfortunately she chewed on her lip a little bit and it is now sore...even more so than it would have been. She's still a bit swollen, but at least now she can smile! Here is a pic of her smiling last night while the medication was still in full effect.
Warren said that her biggest complaint was that she was no longer "Drug Free." They've been celebrating "Red Ribbon" week at her school and talking a lot about being drug free for life. We explained that medication given by a doctor is different than "drugs" that they talk about at school...although Warren said the sight of Abbie on 'gas' to relax her before the procedure was quite funny! :-)
After Bethany and I picked Andrew up from school, she went to her dance class. She absolutely loves it! A lot of times they put on princess crowns to do part of the class. I arrived a few minutes early to pick her up, and they were marching around with instruments to help them learn rhythm. They all looked so cute!
Andrew was so excited in the evening because Ashbie (our cat) actually let Andrew snuggle with him. Ashbie has never been fond of the children, but is becoming a bit more tolerant of the older kids. He started whispering (didn't want to upset Ashbie) "Mom, go get the camera!!" So adorable!
Warren participated in the great hunt this weekend. The opening weekend of pheasant season is a HUGE deal out here in Western Kansas. He went hunting with some friends, and this is a picture of the entire groups hunt. Warren got two of them and is planning to make pheasant nuggets (tastes a lot like chicken nuggets) for dinner either tonight or tomorrow. Abbie didn't want him to fix them last night because she wouldn't get to eat them! (The dog is REAL...isn't' he adorable! This was the only pic where he was sitting still)


Elizabeth said...

I loved the numb smile face- So Cute I couldn't help but smile too (especially when Abbie said she was sad she wasn't drug free anymore) made me chuckle!

Your cat is exactly the cat my husband wants! A pure gray male cat with an attitude. Maybe someday he'll get his wish.

Andie said...

My hubby would dearly LOVE to give our cat to you! Want him??? Come to Kansas...get a free cat! :-) I love him, but he's a pain in the tush sometimes (the cat, not the hubby...well, hubby, too! :o))