Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Abbigail's Dance

Yes...I know...3 posts in one morning...I don't' know what I'm doing!!!! :o) Just wanting to get caught up on pictures I guess.

I posted pics of Bethany's dance class last week. Ever since, Abbigail has been asking when I'm going to post pics of her in her dance class...so here they are! I arrived just a few minutes early so I could take pics. They were practicing/learning a song for the spring recital...Elvis' Jail House Rock. It's going to be pretty cute! (Abbie's in the red shirt right in front)

How quickly they grow up! I commented on my cousin, Loni's blog the other day to enjoy the cute little ballet outfits while they last...Abbigail's group is "too old" for that "baby" stuff. They are more into yoga pants and stretchy clothes than the leotards and tutus. Though I'm pretty sure Abbigail would still like to wear it, it's just not the "cool" thing for these older girls. So...comfy clothes it is! I'll be enjoying it with Bethany a while longer!

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