Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Andrew's FIRST Bithrday gift

Since we have decided to make a quick jaunt up to North Dakota this weekend to see Warren's little brother, Nick, (who will be deployed to the Middle East at the beginning of December)...we decided to give Andrew one of his birthday gifts a bit early. We were going to put this together while he was at school on Thursday and surprise him...but since we are leaving town we thought he might be a bit upset..."Here's your new bed, but we're leaving town and you can't sleep on it till we return!"...so we did it early, on Monday.

The 'new' bed is a bunk bed with a futon on the bottom. We are planning on getting another set of the bedding to go on the bottom for when we have company, and just so it matches a bit better even when it's a couch...I will lay the bedspread on it when it is folded up to hide the current cover that doesn't match too well!

Andrew actually picked out the bedding a few weeks ago, but didn't' know where it went since he never saw it once we walked out of the store. I think he did an awesome job of picking out the bedding...I don't' even have to redo the walls! YIPPEE! While he was at school we took down his old bed and put up his new one. He was so excited! there will be more gifts to come on his actual bday, but we wanted him to enjoy this one a bit longer. We are also planning a little get together for 3 of his friends at Pizza Hut tomorrow night, so that will be fun...plus cupcakes for his class on Thursday...I'm usually lucky if I get taken out to dinner, or don't have to do the dishes! NO FAIR! ;o) Yes, those are Christmas lights on his wall...I never took them down last year, and now it's time to put them back up! Besides, he loves the "Mood" lighting! :-)

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Elizabeth said...

We have the same one except it is in black in Samantha's room. In a few months, all will be changed though, because changing of the rooms will be coming soon. I have Samuel and Cassandra crammed into the tiniest bedroom of the house right now. Samantha will be moving into that room since the only time she is ever in her room is to sleep and do homework. Samantha's bunkbed will be moved into Wayne's room- it's definately a boy bed and gives us that extra bed in case someone spends the night. Cassandra and Samuel will move into Samantha's room (hers is the biggest) and I will be looking for wooden twin bunkbeds for them, for when Samuel graduates out of his crib (which will be pretty soon, because we are going to need it for Sweet Pea)

btw, I used Cassandra's sling this past weekend when we went shopping, and she loved it! I have to adjust it a little because I didn't feel like she was very secure but she really enjoyed riding in the sling with mama instead of in the stroller! :) Thanks Again!!! :)