Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

It has been so long since I have participated in WFMW!!! I have been doing something since school started that has really helped our family. I typed out a "routine" for my children. Actually I typed up several. One is a "Morning Routine" another is the "After School Routine" and the final one is the "Bedtime Routine." Each of these routines are a list of what they need to do at a particular time. Everyone has a mental list, but instead of having to repeat myself 300 times each day, now when the kids forget what to do I just tell them to go check the chart. I not only put the job in words, but I also found clip-art to go with each job so that my preschooler can 'read' the list as well.
I also made up a chore chart so that each child has a specific chore to do each day. We all help to tidy up the living room, patio (their toy room) and the dining room each day...but the chore chart gives them a specific job. I do not give the children an allowance (at this point), their chores are just their responsibility to help the family and keep our home nice. If they choose to do a chore that is not assigned to anyone else on that specific day (like vacuum or sweep when it is not assigned for that day) they can earn extra money (I pay a quarter per extra chore...if it is done correctly!). This way the kids learn the responsibility of doing something just because it is expected, but they also learn that if they go above and beyond, they are rewarded.

I printed out my lists and put them in plastic sheet protectors and posted them in the bathroom. We use a dry-erase marker to X out the chores that are done for the week. They are made in publisher, but if anyone would like a copy, I'd be happy to try to email it to you!

Routines are what work for me!


Sandi said...

This is a great idea -- I'm looking to do something similar and have been looking for ideas. What do you do if your preschooler bucks at doing his/her responsibilities? What are the consequences? I ask only because I know my son will do them for a few days and then go through a stage saying "I don't WANT to!" (He just turned three)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I´m also very much a routine person, and I think children find security in that. You´ve done it so nicely with all the pictures - makes it fun for the kids (o:

Not the Queen said...

Good idea! I love that the kids can check off what they've done and you can reuse the chart. Very clever!

Mrs. Brownstone said...

I love this idea! Our commission chart is ever-evolving. We have one that is working well for us right now - I just blogged about it here:

I love these detailed routine sheets, though. I would love to have a copy!
Thanks for sharing these great tips!