Tuesday, August 21, 2007


God is so good!!! I took Bethany to the eye surgeon today as scheduled. She was so adorable! She charmed everyone in the office, telling stories, holding hands, giving giggles! The nurse brought a few other nurses in just to see her, she was so cute! I could even hear the nurses at the nurses station talking about the cutie in the exam room. Bethany walked out of the doctors office with a fist full of stickers!

Anyway...the doctor came in and said she has something with a HUGE name...but basically it's a pimple. Apparently the way her eyelids are growing right now, the oil gland has a kink in it. No big deal. Just to keep doing the hot wash clothes 4 times a day for 10 minutes. She said it looked like it was about to burst, so just keep it clean. She did give me the option of going back to the minor surgery room, tying Bethany down, and expressing it right there, or letting it happen on it's own. We chose to let it happen on it's own!! When we got home I got a wash cloth all ready to hold on her eye, and there it went! It just popped right away. It bled for a while, and I put some of the ointment the doc gave to keep it from getting infected...but she's fine!! Yippee!! God is so good! It is still a lump, but much smaller. She will have a scab that will take a few days to heal, but she will be fine!

Thank you all for your prayers!! Thank you God for taking care of my baby!!!


Loni said...

I'm so glad to hear that Bethany is ok! How wonderful that it was nothing serious and it could all be resolved on it's own.

Unashamed said...

This is good news - you must be pretty relieved, eh mama? (Whoops, that was the Canadian slipping out...) She looks like she's no worse for the wear though. That's kids for you, they seem to bounce right back from these things - it's the "grown-ups" who stress. No wonder Jesus said we need to have faith like that of a child. Anyway, glad to hear she's doing well and it doesn't require surgery. Thank you God, for answered prayers!!