Monday, August 20, 2007

Prayers for Bethany

Hello all...I am requesting that all of you pray for my little one. She has had what we thought was a sty on her left eyelid for about 6 weeks. I would think it was shrinking and going away, then it would come back. I put warm wash clothes on it as many people suggested. I took her to the doctor (physicians assistant) two weeks ago for her preschool physical and the doc said it was just a sty and to continue the wash clothes, it should go away soon. On Friday it was still not going away, so I called the doc. He prescribed antibiotics (both oral and eye drops) and said if it doesn't go away by this Friday to call back. Well...over the weekend it changed. It used to be just a red lump on her eyelid, now it is a yellow/white lump, surrounded by red. It reminds me (I'm sorry, this is gross!) of a really big pimple that is ready to pop. It's HUGE, and GROSS! Hubby and I decided that it was time to give the doc another call. He wanted to have her seen, so she went to the Physicians Assistant, and she said it's not a sty. It looked like a sty, but now we know it is not. She has an appointment for tomorrow morning with an eye surgeon (I'm terrified just typing those words!!). It is some type of growth that needs to be surgically removed. At first they said they wouldn't be able to see her until October...HELLO???? By October she won't be able to use her eye at all...if her eyelid hasn't exploded yet! So they are going to see her tomorrow and decide if it needs to be removed immediately or if it can wait till later. I'm thinking NOW!! As scared as I am for my baby (ok, she's 3, but she's my baby!!) to have surgery, I want this ugly thing gone from her beautiful face!
If you look at the pics from Wichita, you can see a bit of it. Just a little redness on her left eyelid. You couldn't really see the lump until she closed her eye...but now she can't open her eye fully because this 'thing' is in the way.
So...please keep my little one in your prayers. Pray that the docs can decide what to do, and when to do it. Pray that God will give us all courage and strength.
Blessings, and thanks for the prayers-


Unashamed said...

Yes, of course! I just prayed and will continue. If it's ok, I will share this with my daughter too...she is a real little prayer warrior!

Loni said...

I'm so sorry about what Bethany is having to go through...and her mommy and daddy too! Anything that goes on medically with my kids freaks me out, so I totally understand. Just keep us all informed!

Anonymous said...

Ramie just had a pea sized cyst removed from her lip- At 11 she still wasn't very brave,- that is for us to be, even though we don't always feel it. Great job being assertive and getting the appointment for now! We will add you on to your Dad's section of our daily prayer ;) Maybe we will include Aaron and Jill too just to be safe!

Andie said...

Thanks everyone!! I'll update this afternoon after our apt. and share what we find out.

** By all means...share with your daughter, the more prayers, the better! :-)