Friday, August 17, 2007

New Pictures

Ok, I know I promised pictures, a LONG time ago from our trip to Wichita. Well, everyone is napping so I have a few minutes. Yes, there is laundry to be folded & put away. Lunch dishes are on the counter...but who wants to do housework when there is blogging to be done!!!! :-)

And without further adu....Our trip to Wichita!!!

We spent many mornings playing at my brother's home. He and his wife have two little girls (Ella 3 yo, and Ava 22 months). They have a COOL swing set/fort that my kids totally love...not to mention, cousins are great fun, as well!

Here Andrew and Abbie are giving me heart failure! We won't fall mom! :-)

Bethany loves to swing!Ella doing enjoying her slide.

Andrew was swinging so high that the entire fort started moving. Aaron didn't like that!

We spent an afternoon or two playing in the water at my parent's home. We put the pool right outside the sliding door into my parents room so my dad could hear and see a bit of the fun. We were there the week before he went to the hospital. He only left his bed once while we were there. But now he's at the rehab hospital, they are helping him get stronger! So how many cuties can fit in this pool anyway???

Apparently 3 is the limit!

Ava and Bethany playing nicely!

One morning we went to Exploration Place...the children's museum in Wichita. They have a huge medieval castle there. You can climb all through it and explore. There is a kitchen, and our kids' favorite...the dress-up room. Lots of medieval costumes.

Bethany of course had to be the princess. Abbie was a fierce dragon. Andrew was a STRONG dragon! (His costume sort of reminds me of Barney!...I know Barney is purple, with a green tummy, but still!!!)
While we were there I took the kids to visit my grandparents. They live in a nursing home north of Wichita. My grandpa has struggled with Parkinson's Disease for most of my life. His mobility is limited, but his mind is as sharp as a tack. Grandma's body is strong, but her memory is not. She's gotten much better since moving to the home, but she gets confused. We love them so much...and they are the kind of grandparents that keep a stash of candy around for the grands...and great-grands! Gotta love that! (I don't know what was wrong with Bethany in this pic...I guess 2 pieces of chocolate weren't enough! :-) )
And last...but certainly not least...right before we left town we spent the morning at my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Rick's home. They have a lovely pool that they let us enjoy! Shirley even treated me to a margarita (a SMALL one...I was driving! :-). Andrew really came out of his swimming shell! He loved wearing a life jacket and jumping off the diving board! He also loved the motorized jet ski! He didn't come out of the pool from 10-1:30...I had to drag him out when we needed to go. He even skipped lunch! I had to go through a drive through before leaving town because he was starving! :-)
I hope you enjoyed my pics. Thanks for your patience about me getting them posted! We are planning a return trip in September for a HUGE family picture. We had one taken in Nov. of 2003...and since then 9 new family members have joined! 8 babies and 1 new spouse. My dad's family is HUGE!!! :o) Gotta love family!


LoveMyStarr said...

I'm just visiting everyone that stopped by my blog for the Dog Days of Summer!! What great pictures! Looks like such a fun trip!

Loni said...

Those are great pictures Andie. I really love the one of the kids and Grandma and Grandpa! I'm glad you guys had fun!
My mom has kept me up to date on your dad and I am happy he is getting better. I hope rehab is not too hard for him and he is back on his feet before too long.

Unashamed said...

These are so great! I enjoyed reading about your adventures and learning a bit about your family. Ya gotta love cousins...they're like having extra brothers and sisters, and then they go home. I've always marvelled at how my own kids instinctively knew their cousins where family, even before they were old enough to really understand the connection.