Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Day of School!!

Today is the first day of school. There was excitement, joy, and a bunch of nerves...and the kids were excited, too! Abbigail's 1st grade teacher was the crossing guard, and Abbie was thrilled to see her. She has missed her so much! So that started the day off well. Andrew and I took her to the gym where the classes line up to say the Pledge of Allegiance. After we got her to her spot, we went to the library where the Kindergartners were to meet their teachers. I could feel his tension mount as we got closer and closer. He was so nervous, poor guy! But as soon as we walked in he saw Mrs. Schlamen, a very kind, loving woman who helps with the K's. She has become a grandmother figure to my kiddos. We stop to chat with her whenever we see her outside of her home (she lives across the street from our church). As soon as he saw her, he started to relax. She greeted him with a big smile and a hug...that helped, A LOT!

Abbigail, my dear, I pray you will grow this year. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I pray you will become more confident. I pray you continue to love to learn and read. I pray you will not be so self-conscience about being so "tiny" compared to the other children. I pray you will know your worth comes from your Heavenly Father, not from anything you do or don't do, look like, or don't look like. I pray you let your kind and loving heart show, and not be afraid to let it get scratched...but I also pray that it won't happen. I pray you make wonderful new friends, but cherish those older friendships. I pray your teacher has a loving heart and a creative mind. I pray God reminds you each and everyday that He loves you...even more than I do! I pray I can be the best mommy that I can to you, show you patience and love. I pray that your daddy and I can guide you and help you grow into the beautiful, wonderful girl (woman!) I know you are meant to be...and I pray that there is a boy out there that is receiving love and nurture from his loving parents. I pray that he knows Jesus loves him, and he is growing into the wonderful kind man that will someday marry you and make you as happy as your daddy has made me.

Andrew, my son. I love you! You have such a kind, sensitive heart. I hope you never guard your heart so much that you can't show your emotions. I pray God will show you His love each and every day. I pray that you will grow and learn this year. I pray you continue to love school and learning. I pray you respect your teacher, and all the other authorities in school. I pray you make new friends. I pray that your teacher has a kind and loving heart, and shows love to you. I pray that she guides you well into the love of learning and reading. I pray that your daddy and I can help you become the kind, loving, generous, and strong man that God intends you to be. I pray there is a little girl out there somewhere that is being hugged by her mommy, and read Bible stories. I pray that she knows love and gentleness, so that she can be a wonderful wife to you and mother to your children.

Bethany, my sweetie. My baby is going to school! You've grown up so quickly...I can't believe you are old enough to go to preschool! I pray you are kind and loving. I pray you respect your teacher and listen to her. I pray you acquire the same love of school and learning that your brother and sister have. I pray you learn more and more about Jesus every single day. I pray your teacher can lead you in this love of learning and growing. I pray she has patience, creativity, and a loving heart. I pray you play nicely with your new friends, and that you share. I pray that your daddy and I can be the best parents for you, and that we can teach you about Jesus' love and forgiveness. I pray we can help you to grow and become the wonderful woman of God that I know He intends for you to be. I pray for that little boy out there somewhere that is learning and growing. I pray that he has an example of Godly manhood. I pray that He learns gentleness and love, and that God will bring you two together at just the right time.

I love you my children. You are three of the most precious blessings God has given to me! Thank you for loving me back, and being patient with me...I'm still learning about this "mommy" thing! :-)

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Angie said...

Andie, how sweet the pictures are! The first day of school---always exciting!
I loved the prayerful post---very beautiful!
Thanks for sharing your blessings!