Monday, August 27, 2007

Prayers Please

My dad was diagnosed with a staph infection in his spine this weekend. He also has an abscess on T5. Last night he could wiggle his feet, push on things with his feet, and feel when people touched him...though he wasn't strong enough to stand. This morning he can not move or feel his lower legs and feet. They are taking him into surgery as soon as an OR becomes available. I will update as soon as I hear what's going on.
Please keep my mom and dad in your prayers. Mom is very stressed out, understandable...and the most I can do is also the "least" I can do. I am 4 hours away, and can't leave at this point. Should I go? Should I call my childcare parents and have them come get their kids so I can go? Do I take my kids out of school (they have only gone 2 days) to drive to Wichita? I will continue to pray and try to support my mom from here...I'm just so torn.
Please pray for all of us. Thank you
*** UPDATE *** Well, not really. As of noon, they are still waiting for an OR. One of my aunts went and spent some time with my parents, but she had to go back to work and her own doctor's appt. Thank you for praying.

***UPDATE 3:30 pm *** Dad is out of surgery. The doctor was pleased with how the surgery went. He removed some bone and tissue where the inflammation was. He said it wasn't as bad of an abscess as he had expected. We are just waiting for dad to wake up to see if it helps him in feeling and moving his legs. Thanks again for your continued prayers.

***UPDATE 7:00 pm *** Dad woke up briefly, due to the pain killers he wasn't able to stay awake very long. While he was awake, he was able to wiggle his toes, so that is a very good sign. Hopefully by morning he will be able to show us what he's really able to do. Also, in the morning we expect preliminary results from the pathologist. My brother is trying to talk Mom into coming to his house for the night, she has been sleeping in the hospital with dad, and she's not supposed to stay in the SICU over night. Thank you for your prayers, and please continue! :-)


Loni said...

My mom is keeping me updated on everything going on with your dad. She went over to the hospital this morning. I will keep ALL of you in my thoughts, especially Uncle Terry. Hopefully everything goes really well and this surgery fixes everything that needs to be fixed.
Loni and family

Andie said...

Thanks Loni...and tell your mom thanks for being there with my mom. I really appreciate it.

Loni said...

Hi again Andie. How are you holding up? Mom is going to the hospital again now. I heard Uncle Terry went into surgery. I hope everything goes ok. If you need anything let me know.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how hard it must be for you, but remember I loved him before you did, and it is really hard for me to be so far away. I'm soooooo glad for our family. They really come thru for us don't they. Rick and Greg were both up there and Patty I don't know how many times she was there. You can be asured that this family will help in any way possible. I'll be home Sat and I expect to send your mom to bed for rest and I'll do everything I can for Terry and her I love them both soooo much. Prayers are sent love marilyn