Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dad update, and I've been tagged!

Well, as of this morning, Dad hasn't made much progress. He's still in a lot of pain (immense!), and they are trying some sort of pain patch to help. He has wiggled his toes a few times, but they aren't sure if it's voluntary or not. He does have some feeling in his feet, so we are still hopeful. He is still in the SICU, don't know how long they will keep him there. They are trying to make sure his lungs stay clear, so they want him coughing and blowing in this breathing machine, both things bring on more pain. Please continue praying for him.
Mom actually has slept in her own bed two nights in a row (I don't think she's slept in her bed for more than a nap since the end of July), so that is good for her. She still sounds completely overwhelmed. I don't have any childcare kiddos on Friday, so I'm planning to leave after my childcare kids leave on Thursday. Just Bethany and me! We're going on a road trip. Daddy will stay home with Andrew and Abbigail. That way I can stay there as long as I need to. The older kids will be in school on Friday, and then back on Tuesday. I don't have any childcare children until next Thursday, and that one is flexible. So...we're off to see if we can offer any support. My family in Wichita is so wonderful. I have had emails and calls offering to watch my kids when I come to town so that I can just spend time at the hospital with mom and dad. My aunts and uncles have been spending time at the hospital giving mom a break, and just being there to offer support. I can't thank them enough!!!
Ok...onto the tagging thing. I've been tagged to tell you something about me, using my middle name...good thing it's so short, my brain is fried! Here goes!
J...joyful, jolly, jelly...??? I'm usually a joyful person, I try to see the joy in things (I'm having a bit of a hard time right now, though). Jolly and Jelly remind me of Santa (a tummy like a bowl full of jelly)...that pretty much describes me! :-) grandpa used to call me ornery, it was my nickname from him. Gee, wonder where I learned to be so ornery?
Y..YOUNG! At least I like to tell myself I'm still young! 33 isn't old, is it?
Now I have to tag 3 people (JOY has 3 letters, so I have to tag 3 people). So, here goes...Elizabeth (I know she's on vacation, she can answer when she gets back), my cousin Loni, and my Canadian buddy, Unashamed.
Okie dokie...I've got to get off the blogger thing and get to work. We've got the youth group coming over tonight for a back-to-school-bbq. Better do some picking up! :-)
Thanks again, everyone for praying for my family....and family, thanks for being there for Mom and Dad.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad your coming home for a few days your mom needs you, probably as much as you need to see your dad. When I'm there next week to I hope you and your mom can spend some time together away from the hospital while I'm with your dad (maybe a hair cut, spa whatever). Is that a deal? Love marilyn