Monday, August 6, 2007

Kiddo Comforts

Since I ran my Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway, I've had some questions about the products that I make, and how people can get them.'s my story. I have a couple of cousins (yes, that's YOU Becki & Michelle!!) who introduced me to the wonderful world of baby wearing...and I was hooked! Unfortunately, it wasn't until after my two older children were too big for slings. Thankfully, God gave me a third chance! :-) When I was pregnant with Bethany, I decided I was going to get a sling, but pricing them online quickly became scary! As a SAHM, married to a Pastor, the budget is often tight. I could not justify spending $60-???? on a sling. So, I did some investigating, and discovered how I could make one. The big bonus was #1...I could afford it...and #2...I could choose ANY fabric I wanted!! I now am addicted. I think I have 4 slings I use on a fairly regular basis (yes, Bethany is 3, but still brings one to me and says "SWING ME MOMMY!" And how can I resist that???) I also do childcare for a couple of friends, and "sling" those babies quiet often. Then, I decided that when she could sit on her own, I wanted to have something to protect my precious baby from the awful germs in shopping carts. So, more investigating, and...whalla....I figured out how to make a shopping cart cover! People were always stopping me and asking where I got that cool baby carrier or shopping cart cover. A few friends asked me to make them a sling or cart cover to use for themselves, or for gifts...and thus Kiddo Comforts was born. I have even made car seat covers for my kids car seats. The covers are easily removed for washing...and the kids got to pick the fabric. I added a bit of batting between the layers to make it softer and more comfy for long trips. I even made Bethany a pillow that matches so she can nap in comfort.

What do these COOL things look like??? Well, here are a few pictures of the items I have made. If you are interested in ordering any of them...please feel free to leave me a comment...with your email addy and I'll get back with you. I don't have a very large inventory, most of my work is custom. So, if you want ladybugs, I find ladybug fabric. If you want black (great for a sling!!), you get black. Anything that you want...and I can find. If you have a favorite fabric that I do not have access to, you can mail it to me. I will make the item you want, and mail it back to you!

Here are some pics of a few of the slings I have made. The first one is of a friend and her little girl who was born very premature...but is so wonderfully healthy now!!!

The second is of me and Bethany when she was littler. She loved this hold, but still prefers to snuggle in the front. The third is

another use for the sling. It can be used to keep a wandering toddler close, and safe. I have a few other uses in my instructional pamphlet that comes with each sling.

I also make "child slings" the big sister can "sling" her dolls and be just like mom. My son Andrew has his own sling for his baby, and animals!

And last, but not least a picture of Bethany in her very first shopping cart cover! Boy has she grown!!!!


Elizabeth said...

I love your slings, and I would love to buy one from you, but when our sweet pea came, I went on a frantic search for a sling and bought one off of ebay. It is a different type, somewhat like a band, and I wonder if she will fit in it as she gets bigger!

Anonymous said...

You've impressed me with your motivation in sewing. How do you make the car seat covers- did you have a pattern or do you actually just make it according to the car seats?

Good luck on getting healthy- I can sooooooooooo relate- that's all I want to say about that!!


Andie said...

I made the car seat covers for each of my kidos car seats. Just trial and error...hopefully less error! :-)
Right now my sewing machine doesn't like me, so I'm sad! :o( But hopefully we'll make up and be buddies again soon. :o)

Blessings to you all-Andie