Saturday, August 4, 2007

Yes...Hubby did notice my hair!

Ok, for those of you wondering...he DID notice my hair. I had told him over the phone that there were some surprises waiting here at home for him. Well, before he came home I mowed the yard, weed whacked the yard, and cleaned the house. He noticed the yard. He asked if that was his surprise (I think I've mowed our grass in this house two times since we've lived here...I can do it, but that's just his thing, I didn't want him to have to come home from a long, tiring trip and have to mow first thing!). I said it was ONE of them. About 15 minutes later he said, "Is your haircut another of my surprises?" Apparently he already knew I was going to do something with my hair. He said that before he left I kept talking about my hair, and asking him if he like it long or short. So, I remember making a comment or two, but I guess it was more than that! He figured that I was going to do something with it, so it wasn't a surprise. Does he like it...whatever. He says he likes me, and my hair doesn't matter. Thanks honey...but what do you REALLY think?
(How do I like it? I love's so much easier to pull back now, and even when I leave it down it doesn't get in the way like it used to when it was really long!)


ronvic7 said...

I guess I get the "bad Wife award", hubby shaved off his goatee and I never even noticed! He pointed it out.... oops.

Elizabeth said...

I dislike those half compliments, where you are unsure if the person you are speaking to says something nice, but could also have a hidden thought, I think it looks lovely and I'm sure it is cooler for you in this heat *it's terribly humid here, I can hardly stand it!!

Aunt Patty said...

Hi, Andie. I just wanted you to know that you can count me as one of your avid readers. I always check out Loni's and your blogs every day. She's having computer trouble, and is VERY frustrated about not being able to write any new stuff, or show new pics. So, I hope she gets it fixed soon. I love reading about your family, and even picking up news from over here that I didn't know - haha. I just talked to your Dad, and he is feelig soooooo much better. Those shots seem to be working on the pain, and he actually got to stand up for the first time in a month!! You probably know all this, but just in case, wanted to tell you. Anyway, keep up the blogging, and pictures. I love it!!