Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We made it!

We made it through our crazy day! Today we only have a t-ball game, and that's it! Seems pretty easy to me! It's not supposed to be too warm today, but it's SOOO humid! After the t-ball game, the kids played with umbrellas and their bikes while I cleaned out the van...I think I need a shower! It was so humid, and no wind! That's really odd for Kansas...probably means a storm is coming! :o)
I didn't participate in Tackle it Tuesday yesterday, because I thought just making it through the day would be enough...but today I need to get caught up. So here's my list
  • clean out the van
  • sweep/mop kitchen and bathrooms
  • clean bathrooms
  • put away laundry
  • wash Andrew's bedding
  • read with my kiddos!
  • go swimming

Sounds doable to to see how much actually gets done!

***Now I REALLY need to mop...milk was just spilt on the kitchen floor...don't cry!

**Update: The floors are done, laundry put away, sheets in the dryer...we were walking out the door to get in the van (swimsuited, sunscreened...ready to swim) when I heard THUNDER! Now it's raining buckets! Guess I have to clean the bathrooms! :o(

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