Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chicken or the egg??

Which came first you might ask? Well, Bethany seems to know the answer!

Abbigail has been asking questions (you know...why do boys have a penis? How does that baby get into a momma's tummy? Is there a baby in MY tummy?) lately. So I've been talking to her about some of the specifics...mostly about her body. I've told her that all women and girls have eggs inside and the daddy adds his own special seed and then God makes it grow to be a baby. (No discussion on how daddy this point!) So she proceeds to tell every woman/girl she sees that "You have eggs inside your tummy." Including Bethany. Well, Bethany knows all about eggs. She LOVES cheesy eggs for breakfast! So yesterday she had a very concerned look on her face and told me that a chicken was coming out of her egg in her tummy...and she doesn't WANT a chicken in her tummy! You try explaining to a 3 yo that it is not THAT type of egg!

So, you tell me...Which came first??

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