Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Crazy Day Ahead

If I make it to bedtime tonight, I'm going to deserve a margarita or some other yummy cocktail!
First we have to be at T-ball at 9:45.
Then I have to leave the T-ball game and take Bethany to Library Story-time at 10:15.
Storytime goes to 10:45, but t-ball goes till 11:00...hopefully my kiddos won't be left waiting for me!
At 11:00, Andrew has storytime, until 11:45.
Then I'm treating us to Pizza Hut for lunch.
1:30-2:15 is Abbigail's storytime.
NAPTIME is next...I think we'll all need it!
To finish off the day, Abbie has a game at 7:00.

Of course, today is the day that Warren has a meeting 2 hours away, and a bunch of members to visit between here and there. He thinks he might be back in time for the late game. :o)

Oh, God, give me strength and patience to make it through today!


Steffie B. said...

I can sooooooo feel for you! I'll have a nice cold drink tonight on your behalf! lol

Crystal said...

Wow, that is a busy day for you!
Thanks for stopping by my blog...

Andie said...

Well, almost done! One game left, and we all got a nap in the afternoon! Yippee!!

Elizabeth said...

Hope you made it thru your crazy day!!! :)