Thursday, June 7, 2007

More Thankfuls...

I'm thankful for caring, concerned friends, and coaches.
I'm thankful for a kind county health department that gives out advice for free.
I'm thankful Andrew's chin gashes can be cared for with butterfly bandages and not stitches.
I'm thankful that his t-ball t-shirt is red.
I'm thankful that if there are scars, they will be under his chin, hardly even noticeable.
I'm thankful that God helped me to not FREAK out!
I'm thankful that he has calmed down.
I'm thankful that he is ok.

Who would have thought that the most dangerous part of t-ball would be walking through the dug out? He tripped over a glove and landed on his chin. As long as we quit asking him to look up so we can see, I think it will hold together and will heal without stitches. Thank you GOD!

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Deena said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...and, Andie, my house is cleaner because I make them clean it:-) Keeps them out of trouble and out of each other's way...and it's only been 3 days...:-)