Sunday, June 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Abbigail!

My "Baby" is turning 7!!! Her birthday isn't until Tuesday, but that is looking to be a busy day, so we started celebrating early! Yesterday, we went to town and she got to choose where we ate. She chose Lone Star Steakhouse. We love Lone Star. Particularly on Saturday afternoons, and Tuesday nights. At those times, kids eat FREE! If Warren and I just get burgers or sandwiches (which are YUMMY, and HUGE!) the meal only cost around $15, and we can't even eat at McDonald's for that! The meal starts off with a bucket of peanuts, and hot fresh rolls (with cinnamon butter to spread on them...YUMMY!) The children always order mac-n-cheese (big surprise!), which comes with a side. Bethany and Andrew usually get fries, but Abbigail loves their baked sweet potato. The kids meals come with a little bowl of ice cream at the end of a meal, but if its your birthday, you get the chocolate brownie blast...Oh My Goodness! The first time we went there for a birthday, was on Bethany's first birthday (it was also Mother's day, so I got to choose where to go!). The desert is served in a goblet that was bigger than her head! We always share it with the entire family. So anyway, you could say that LoneStar is our family favorite!!!
Lots of people were telling Abbie happy birthday today at church, so she felt pretty special. Our church family is pretty wonderful. They make our kids feel loved, even during a temper tantrum! Bethany threw a doosie just as Sunday School was supposed to start. I was doing opening, and my husband was preparing for his class...and Bethie was NOT being an angel! I tried sitting her on a step in time-out so I could conduct the opening, but she refused to sit and just YELLED! LOUDLY!! So, one of the nice women picked her up and took her to another room until I could finish opening and deal with her. Another wonderful family blesses us each year with a family pool pass for our city pool. What a blessing! Thank you! We do not take these blessings for granted, or expect them, but when they come along, we are so grateful.
We decided when we came home from church that it was a good day to spend in our own little pool in the backyard (the city pool isn't open on Sundays). So we filled it up while making lunch, then it was rest time so the pool could warm up in the sun. Of course by the time we were ready to play, it was starting to cloud up! We only got to spend about an hour in the water before we heard the thunder rolling. Right now the sky looks dark, the thunder is still booming, but no rain has fallen...yet. Oh...I almost forgot, the hail from the other night. Apparently, just 2 miles north of town they didn't even get a drop of rain, the crops could use the moisture, but not the ice! Thank you God for sparing the crops.
I will be sharing Abbigail's birth story either Monday or's been 7 years, but I still remember! On June 2, 7 years ago...I was in "false" labor for a L-O-N-G time. We even went to the hospital after contractions lasted 4 hours at home. 5 Hours later, they sent us home...STILL pregnant! Of course, my parents didn't listen and were already 5 hours into the 8 hour drive when I called them to tell them it was a false alarm. So they spent the weekend with us. Dad left to go back home for work on Sunday...and Abbigail was born Monday morning...if only he'd stayed one more day! :o) I'll share the rest in another post.
Hope you all have had a blessed weekend with time for family and worshiping our awesome creator and redeemer.'s now raining!

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Happy Birthday Abbigail....hope you have a super day!