Friday, June 1, 2007

It's Friday!

With the long weekend, this has been a SHORT week! It seems to me like to day should be Tuesday or Wednesday...not Friday! But, THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!!!! Yippee!
Here are some random things running around in my brain...please bear with me! :-)
The amox has already started helping Andrew and Bethany. Another YIPPEE!! Bethany slept most of the night, just waking once, gave cough syrup, went potty, and rubbed her back for a while, and she slept until morning. Thank You, God!
We just received the! My mother-in-law called last night to let me know to expect a couple of packages, one for Bethany's birthday, and one of clothes she picked up at garage sales for my girls (no boys in the families she went to). Boy-oh-boy did they hit the mother load! Bethany got yet another cabbage patch from grandma...this one cried (oh goodie!). She also received three adorable outfits. The garage sale box has about 4 pairs of jeans for Abbie, and a TON of shirts, shorts. I don't think she'll need any "new" clothes for school! Thanks Elaine!
Birthday we need to have a big party for each child each and every year? Abbigail had a friend party when she turned 6, and now thinks she should have one every year. I told her that it's not going to happen. Her first softball game is on Tuesday, her birthday. I suggested that we could make cup cakes for her team (frost them to look like softballs...I thought it sounded fun!), but she wants to have a big party. I just can't see throwing three big parities a year, every year. What do you all do? If you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment. For birthdays in the past, the birthday boy/girl has gotten to choose what is for dinner, sometimes we even go out, and they get to choose the place. We fix a cake or cupcakes, and sing happy the gifts from family...but that's about it. Now, I'm not saying we won't ever do a big party, just not for each and every birthday! I'm thinking maybe one child per year gets a big party, and we rotate. Last year was Abbie, this year is Andrew's turn, etc...Suggestions?
Milk...(remember, random thoughts!)...don't you HATE it when milk goes bad before the date on the carton!!! I went to the store this morning to pick up eggs so I could make my adoring family waffles for breakfast. Found some yummy cantaloupe to serve with the waffles, yogurt...etc....came home and started making the waffles. I pulled out the milk to measure out the proper amount and, EWWW! There was about 1/2 gallon left, plenty for my purposes, it's date is still 2 days away, but EWWWW! I could see the curdling through the plastic. It looked more like yogurt, or cottage cheese...not yummy milk! So, back to the store I go...AHHHH! all kids love boxes?? My kids are having a hay day with the boxes that protected the treasures from grandma. The new doll hasn't even made it out of her box yet, and the clothes are all laid out nicely...and the kids are thrilled with the boxes! What joy! They are pretending it's Christmas morning, and Bethany has two Abbie kitten and an Andrew puppy. SMILE!
Hail...we had some LARGE hail last night. It was a bit windy, and cloudy...and all of a sudden, HAIL! I say they were about the size of a golf ball, hubby says they weren't THAT big. That lasted a few minutes (I saw our neighbor running for cover, he was taking garbage out when it hit!). Then it rained like crazy for a while. Then the hail started up again, but this time they were only about pea sized. It rained about 1/2 inch in all. I haven't been out this morning (except tot he grocery store, TWICE!) but I hope the crops made it. In this rural part of the country, hail can mean lively hoods lost. At one point, there was enough hail piled up in the corner of our fence that it looked like snow!
Ok, enough random thoughts for now...I will try to post some pics later, I got some great shots of my kids playing with their cousins this past weekend.

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I don't know how computer savvy you are.....I am NOT....but if you want to do something your blog just contact the Blog Fairy! She's on my sidebar! ;) Ewwwwww on the milk! lol