Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend pictures

Well, since blogger won't let me add anymore pics to the last post, I thought I'd just do a new one.
Recap...we went to the zoo on Saturday, here are some pics. (to see the picture bigger, just click on it! :-))

Sunday, after church, Warren made his famous French toast. YUMMY! And the best part...I didn't have to cook! Yippee! We all took a nap (yes...all 5 of us!) then we went to the lake for the rest of the afternoon/evening. The kids went swimming for a while, it was too COLD for me! Warren fished (didn't catch a thing!) and then we ate hamburgers/hot dogs. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures! It was a good time, though!
Today, Abbigail's class is going to the zoo (didn't she just go there?? :-)) and Andrew's class is going to Wendy's for a "thank you" for their food drive.

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