Saturday, May 19, 2007

Busy Days

The end of school is in sight. Lots of "parties" and special things going on at the end of the year.

Thursday Andrew and Bethany decided to be artsy and wanted to paint. They did beautiful paintings! I'll try to take pictures of them and post them tomorrow. Andrew's picture has a beautiful sun in the corner, and I asked him what was in the other corner. He said it was Jesus when he came out of the tomb...just melts my heart! I'm so thankful and excited when I hear my children talking about God and their faith...just AWESOME! (Bethany's picture is the top one, then Andrew's, then Abbigail's...she saw their paintings when she got home from school and wanted to do one as well.)
Friday, Andrew's class had a picnic at the park. It was fun, but VERY windy (what do you IS Kansas!) That evening, Abbigail had a lock-in with her Girl Scout troop. I was, of course, the worried momma. She's never spent the night away from me, except with my mom a time or two. My baby...with a bunch of other girls...ALL NIGHT! I figured she'd be passed out on the gym floor by 10. NOPE! Her leader said that she was still going at 2:00 am when they made the girls lay down. Then she was up bright and early! CRAZY! SO I figured she would be very cranky today, no, she did pretty well! They finished the lock-in with a pancake and scrambled egg breakfast for the families. All the girls were presented with their awards and patches for the year. Abbigail is so excited, she received 14 patches. Guess I'd better figure out how to attach them to her sash!

After the breakfast, we dropped daddy off at a meeting and I took the kids to the zoo. The otters and the playground were the favorites again. This afternoon was the high school graduation, so we went to a few cooking today! Now, that's my kind of day!!!! :-) All the kiddos are sleeping, and I think I'm going to go join them! Good night! :-)

Ok...I have a lot of pictures to share of the past few days, but after I got this one on, blogger won't keeps freezing up on me. I'll try to add them tomorrow. Sorry. UPDATE...Blogger let me add 3 more pics, then froze up again...try again later! :-)


Steffie B. said...

I am so ready for summer vacation too! Hope you got some needed rest! ;)

Suzy said...

Andie! How funny...I'm an avid "adoption journal lurker" too! I have a friend who adopted a daughter from China (see "Amanda and Lilah Grace on "Journey to Me"), and I am HOOKED on adoption journals. I always keep up with Kat and Lucas especially, just because they seem so precious, and imagine my surprise when I saw comments from you on both! I'd love to chat with ya sometime, if you'd like to email me!

Andie said...

Suzy...I've read Amanda & Lilah Grace's journal...what cuties! I'd be happy to email with you, just don't know how...I'll try to figure it out.