Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Ok...I found this on a website called "5 Minutes for Mom." It's a way to get some credit and feel a sense of accomplishment for the housework that we all do...or in my case do very rarely! :-) I thought about saying that the reason my kitchen and dining table are such a mess is that we've all been sick and not feeling tops, but the truth is that my kitchen is never perfectly clean unless we are having company. Even then, I know some people who are much "tidier" than I who probably cringe at the sight of my kitchen! My husband and I joke that I could never surprise him with a surprise party because if he came home and the house was clean he would know something was up! :-) He came home today and looked around and said "WOW! It looks GREAT in here!" That made me feel good...and a bit bad since it doesn't look this nice very often! So, here are the before and after pictures. It took quite a while, but it looks great now!!! Now to keep it this way! :-)

Our Table

Our "Bar"

Ok, sorry for the "lining up" diffuculty...I can't fiture it out. Any suggestions?
Have a great week!

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Crystal said...

Welcome to the Tackle - congrats on an AMAZING first tackle!!!