Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Naptime is great...especially when EVERYONE sleeps at the same time! I can catch up on a little housework, read a few blogs (gasp!!), or even catch up on a TV show I might have missed (gotta love the DVR!!). Here is what it looked like at my house today at 1:15.

During this little "break" I folded and put a way a ton of laundry, ate lunch (I sometimes don't even get a chance to eat and then wonder why I'm so hungry around 3 or 4!), read a few blogs, and enjoyed the quiet of the moment. Thank you God for naptime, and for quiet, and for time for me. Children are a gift, and I'm so very thankful for them. But I don't seem to accomplish much on my "list" when they don't nap...or nap at different times. Unfortunately I don't put reading books with my kids or playing with them on my list...I would get to check that off quite a bit...maybe I should start adding that!
By the way...the little strawberry blond in the last picture is Houston...the little guy I take care of while his mommy teaches Jr. High. He's a sweetie...and usually a good sleeper! Bethany's picture you can see her "family" of babies. They each have to be with her in bed...almost not enough room for her! :-)

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